All I want for Xmas is a …….

sad but true...

sad but true…

JOB!! Unemployment is NO fun!!

I was unemployed briefly in my late teens or was it early twenties ?

No matter, that was the last time I was unemployed.

So about twenty years ago. I had a great time lounging round, doing sweet F all for 3-6 months…then I got a job.

I have had the odd few weeks between jobs sometimes but it has never really worried me.

Now I am worried. I have been unemployed 4 weeks but I am worried as the atmosphere is VERY different.

I have a trade, as well as a master’s degree in a separate discipline, speak 2 languages, have excellent administration and accounting skills and life experience.

I am well-travelled, have common sense, a good sense of humor and look after myself.



I think what about these poor kids straight out of high school or university?

More so for the young ones with no qualifications, they just don’t understand the implications of it.

I know it’s not just here in NZ, it is everywhere, in fact in some parts of southern Italy, the youth unemployment rates are 70-80%!!

I use Italy as an example as I love the place but do see it with clear NOT rose-coloured glasses:)

nothing list

Some days my husband makes little remarks and I am not sure if he is being snide or making a joke…Either way it’s not bloody funny.

It’s not as if I sit or my arse and do nothing all day.

I am sure people think I have fun days not working…

Getting up when I like, mooching round, doing what I like…

Sure the odd day is good BUT I have no money, so can’t go anywhere,everyone I know is at work, most days SUCK!!

I make sure I do things all day.

I run (you all know this), go to the gym, look for jobs, apply for jobs, redo letters for jobs, follow-up regarding jobs…

I practice my Italian, I write my blog,go to the library, go see people about jobs,  I bake and cook, I read a little, I garden, iron and clean .

I NEVER watch the TV as that would for me be the start of end!!

unemployment 4

It is depressing and degrading.

75-85% of jobs you apply for, people don’t respond to, not even to say “thanks but no thanks” .

No courtesy, no politeness, nothing….

If I apply for jobs which I am over experienced etc for, they think I am taking the piss or won’t stay long, so I don’t even get a look in.

Even if you get a job, in NZ now, there is a 3 month “cooling off ” period for the employer and they say for the employee.

So after 3 months, if they don’t like you, they don’t need to hire you permanently, they can just let you go with no repercussions and you can not stay as well if you don’t like it.

Its like “hello????”, all you have to do to leave anywhere is give 1-2 weeks notice as an employee!!

So this dumb arse law doesn’t help employee’s,  ONLY employers!!

Or people want to hire kids with no experience so they can pay them $14 per hour….


And I am trying to install in my sons to get good educations so they can have job choices!!!

Hmm, not sure about the truth in that at the moment…

Anyhow tomorrow is another day and I have to go see my ‘friends’ at the unemployment office…

Just as well I can still run…

 Santa better be good to me this year as I have been good all year…Well pretty good.

Good enough to warrant a decent job……


Oops did a 45 minute run today, leg a wee bit throbby so will see how tomorrow goes…

Weights etc…

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