I am so ADDICTED to…..

THE DAILY MAIL…..to my eternal shame!!



Now I know it’s not as bad as that American supermarket rag that has really weird shit in it…

Like aliens had sex with my mother type thing….

Or my sister sleeps with my husbands father!!

Is it “News of the world’?

I can’t recall the name but its pretty trashy.

I don’t even know why I like the Daily Mail but I do.

I read the Daily Mail every morning after I read the NZ papers.

We only have trashy sunday papers,  you know Titty girl ones…and the goss is no where as good!!

Yep, paper is full of classy ladies like Katie Price!!

Yep, paper is full of classy ladies like Katie Price!!

It is my English friends fault, he used to go on about how hideous it was and sooooooo I looked and was hooked!!

You thought I was going to say I am addicted to running and I am .

But today I am being very very good and having a ‘day ‘ off …

But have done 1 hour brisk walk and will do a 60 minute bike ride when I go to feed one of my cat colonies later…

Day off from running that is…Give the old legs a break, especially as I did heavy on the leg weights yesterday.

daily mail 2

But back to the daily mail….My favourite story today is


I like LeAnn Rimes , always have, I think she is seriously fucked up in the head but she is ok.

That husband is a self-absorbed prick face and the ex wife on that reality programme, is a complete whack job!!

She is trashy, at least LeAnn doesn’t rant on and tries to have dignity even if she likes to wear only bikini’s.

Personally, the husband is a wanker and she should give him the push, eat something, then go have a drink with that wacko ex-wife, who knows they might actually like each other???

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes

Enough of that….

I will leave you today with a cat funny…As you know I am addicted to cats too!! 🙂

so true!!

so true!!




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