Now what did I say about the weight the other day?

Grr Scales!!

Grr Scales!!

Sure enough, my weight is back under what it was after that 2 kg overnight leap!!

But best of all, I can feel it now in my shorts, that were verging like camel toe looking are now starting to feel loose!! Yay!!

So what I need to do, is avoid the scales from Sunday night till Wednesday!!

It happens most weeks………But do I learn??? No, no, no!!

I know it’s not about weight but about size but I DARE anyone out there to tell me that when the numbers drop, they don’t get thrilled!!

Hmmm bad choice Miley girl!!

Hmmm bad choice Miley girl!!

Sorry guys and guyettes, but the weight makes that difference when running, you really feel that weight difference especially when you are small,  of 1-2kgs.

I remember reading in the runners world mag that weight affects speed and now I am no speedy Gonzales but you just notice that difference.

This is not the article but it is very similar

Hmm and an interesting link on the forums.



Anyways, I digress as I do….

Doing weights is really making the difference but then I know that too….I just prefer to run only…

Am hoping to be at my kicking (he he ha) weight by New Year…so 2-3 kgs and it will be bye-bye camel toe shorts!!

yes, i feel like this guy!!

yes, i feel like this guy!!

Today 10 minutes x trainer , 60 minutes weights and 15 minute run home.

The weights too are starting to be big girl weights too, not light and fluffy as in weeks 1-3….

Got to get stuck in with the ROWING MACHINE!!!



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