R.E.S.P.E.C.T…Aretha Franklin…

This has to be one of the most awesome running songs…

Most awesome song full stop but great for running!!



I did another 50 minute run today, all good but I really enjoyed the run so much.

I always like running, ok, there are times when I struggle but I still like running.

Today I cruised past that hideous 5-15 minute starter period where you want to stop when you first get back into running.

90% of the run was like that nice mid stage between 1-2 hours of a long run…so you are cruising but not yet tired:)

I just felt really happy running today.

very happy dance

Saw a few runners and I always like seeing other runners, its like recognising kin or something.

Kindred spirits…

Unless they are sour and can’t even be bothered to acknowledge you and we all know they exist.

They are usually the ones who have 16 gels and 14 water bottles on their special belt for an hour run!!

You all know who i mean and they sneer at you really.

Sad, sad, sad….

Like this for a hour run!!

Like this for a hour run!!

Not that you want to be their next best friend or anything, but just a wave, a Hi , a smile, a twitch of the hand or even an eyebrow lift would be good:)

I just laugh to myself and keep running, running free without all the implements that is.

So tomorrow Super SUNDAY!!!

Decided I prefer doing it on Sundays….


So 15 minute run, 45 minutes plyometrics, 10 minutes rowing and to finish the same 50 minute run I did today.

I used to run to feed my colony cats.

During the week I will leave the food there and then I can run there and that is what I am doing again…and then I bus home or my husband if I ask nicely will pick me up.

Might even be a real dare-devil and start doing those box jumps…they scare me….


P.S…..The black dog has slunk away…!!! so now more meh at the moment…

I did worry maybe I was being manic with that wonderful runners high!!

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