Oh NO, Its the BOX jumps!!!

Remember I was saying about having to start doing box jumps and I hated them as I am always scared I will trip up or the box will tip over.

errrrr i might fall off!!

errrrr I might fall off!!

I was thinking about it BUT that didn’t mean do them!!

I blindly assumed this weeks super Sunday was like last…WRONG!!! and what was in THIS WEEKS BLAST?


Super sunday done!!

Super sunday done!!

As you know Super Sunday is 90-120 minutes of cardio/plyometrics basically.

Designed to give you that final boost for the week and burn, burn, burn those calories…

Granted you are supposed to have the next day off but I have my day off after a hard weights session as I find that harder as I have quite good cardio endurance.



1)25 minute run to the gym

2) 10 minutes rowing + 25 burpes + 25 each leg lunges with 3 kg weights+25 mountain climbers each leg = 25 box jumps!!

3) repeat this 4 times but on the last round,  run instead of rowing, at faster pace than normal run so go 11-14 kms (for ladies) per hour pace and really work that last round.

4) 50 crunches and 2 minute plank  and then repeat.

5) 15 minute run home.

Be aware that the circuit (step 2/3) took me 70-80 minutes, my aim will be to whittle it down to 60-70 minutes, no buggering around between circuits:)

This one is going to kill me!!



I hate to say it, It was fun, hard, hard and hard but well worth it I feel.

I feel then, I can enjoy the rest of my day and I like to push myself.

In fact I would like to do one of those army assault courses, not quite the seals training program but you know what I mean.

I am not saying it will be fun, it won’t BUT you will see what you can do.

There in lies the beauty of it.

Give it to me baby!!

Give it to me baby!!

So I will leave you today with my happy socks!!

I wear these when I feel happy (of course) but when I feel meh and blah too!!

They work as well as sunflowers do!!

You know how some things just make you happy just by looking at it, well sunflowers and happy socks are those things:)

So you go get your happy socks on too!!


the happy socks!!

the happy socks!!


5 thoughts on “Oh NO, Its the BOX jumps!!!

  1. I’m not a fan of box jumps unless I do them to really good music. otherwise, i’d love to throw the box far, far away.
    Nice workout & nice socks too! 🙂

    • thanks….i have some purple and black ones too!!
      Maybe if i knew the box was welded to the ground and could not move it would be ok.
      I did them using the step reebok thing today with 2 of the wedge things under it.
      I think its the feet leaving the ground thing…
      Reminds me of jillian matthews and this woman once on the biggest loser…she couldn’t do them either…
      its the fEAR!!………..Argh

      • I can’t do the really high ones (forget how high they are) because I feel I won’t make it and will probably eat the floor but it also took me a while to do the little ones at first. It’s a mind thing. But yeah, if they were bolted to the ground it would be much better.

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