Ode to the Scorched Almonds…..

More on those beauties shortly.

Forgot to say……

That I did 30 minutes rowing on Sunday!!

Did you notice, that I slipped it in , in that workout 3 lots of ten minutes!!


yep, here we go!!

yep, here we go!!

Now granted, we are not talking Olympic standard here but I did 3200 metres each time….

I was very pleased and OK, I used like level 4  when there are 20 levels BUT you gotta start somewhere.

So next time, level 5….

Ok, this folks , is the goal…

The goal!!

The goal!!

It is now 13 days until XMAS!! YES, 13, 13, 13 DAYS!!!

It is a sheer coincidence but I need to lose 1.3 kgs this morning to get to my goal weight that I like .

So that is 100 grams a day….I can do this!! I will do this!!

This is my Xmas present to myself….

pressie to myself...

pressie to myself…

Yesterday, had a rest day, a total rest day…usually I do something but no, it was total REST!!

Today is 20 minutes running, 45 minutes weights, 15 minutes plyometric exercise, 10 minutes abs and 10 minute run home….

Wait until you see this SUPER sunday workout!! OMG!!

I quite liked last weeks, hard but good….

Hmm. not sure about this week though…

Scorched Almonds

Scorched Almonds

This is the challenge,  the dreaded scorched almonds.

They are available all year but for some reason, like trifle, I only eat them in December.

I could easily eat a box a day, very ,very easily.

They also have 3 other varieties, so you can imagine the dilemma!!

I am going to work out how many minutes running is a scorched almond….

Bit more of this for scorched almonds:)

Bit more of this for scorched almonds:)

I know, just don’t buy them…

But that is like saying “Don’t love your Prada bag”…..

I know it’s not rational , but I can’t help it:)

I brought some yesterday as I don’t think it is good to deny myself as then I will eat a packet…

So I will allow myself 4 a evening or every 2 evenings:)

And do a little extra to make up for it….


OMG, I just saw them in a Cheesecake recipe!!

Grr Scales!!

Grr Scales!!


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