I hate to say it but I think old faithful has to go…

That’s right, my old grey Adidas t-shirt, is nearing its last legs…


Old Faithful…

In all honesty, it has reached its last legs early this year.

I took it to Turkey and Italy to give it one last good run and then I said I would get rid of it….

But I didn’t, I hid it and forgot.

I found it about 2 weeks ago….

The thing is, I tell everyone else in my home “don’t hoard, look at that, its ugly, get rid of it!”

As you know what guys are like  (3 sons and hubby), old scabby undies with holes they wear (I have told them about the best undies and getting run over) …

Welcome to the Sock Bermuda triangle!!! …..

Old mismatching socks, socks with holes, shirts with no buttons, rips etc…

Sadly I am not a seamstress.

And here I am, guilty of the same crimes….WELL HOARDING!!


But Old grey has been through a lot with me…

As you can see its ripped in places and has holes but it has been with me at my fighting fit weight and even beared with me when I gained 5 kgs!!

Yet it didn’t moan, it accommodated the surplus flesh:) without making me feel bad..

How can I throw it out?

It isn’t flattering or anything and I only wear it to run in or occasionally after a shower but but but but…..

Maybe, and its a BIG maybe if I can find a similar one, then I will let it go….

Love this....so true!!

Love this….so true!!

On the scorched almond front….I have been keeping to my two a day!!

Excellent, I do have self-control.

I think in the last week running, I have really felt that minus 3 kgs now and also the tone up from the weights is starting to make itself felt too…

I felt I ran a little better today….I did 45 minutes today and will do another 45 minutes on Super sunday.

Still doing my 20 minutes run to the gym and 10 minutes run home most other days, so not over doing it time, distance wise…

Running is so good now as its stressful leading up to Xmas…

Which reminds me, I need to go get a tree….SIGH!!

Maybe come January, I can try 3 X 45-55 minute runs and see how we go then:)

I did think the other night I had done something as my ankle was throbbing like no one’s business.

But it has been ok…..

Tomorrow 20 minutes run, 45 minutes weights, 15 minutes plyometric and 10 minutes run home:)


Need to get one....

Need to get one….


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