Super Wednesday??? WTF!!!

Yep, that is what I will be saying in about 5 hours when I get up to do 2 hours of cardio.

Too early....

Too early….

As you know Sunday, I usually do 90-120 minutes of cardio and hard out plyometric work and its called Super Sunday.

In my effort to ramp it up in preparation for Xmas day, I decided to do Super Wednesday this week too…

Sunday though this week is actually a 120 minute pyramid weight session!! Errrrr

Pyramid training ...

Pyramid training …

Hence why I thought i would bring it on and do a hard out Wednesday…

I know I should be going to bed but I can’t sleep at the moment but I will get up at 6am to join hubby in the gym before work.

My boys are home as its school holidays here, but they all sleep in until near lunchtime…



I keep on with my search for a new job but at this time of the year, its pretty much slowed down to Zilch….

I know everything I apply for now will not be answered until 10th January in many cases.

That is ok as it is pretty hectic at Xmas so in a sense, it is the ONLY time it is good to be unemployed.

Xmas Stress

Xmas Stress

I may have my first Xmas unstressed…err apart from the MIL, that is:)

I am waiting for my marzipan I ordered to arrive so I can make my Stollen.

The fruit is soaking in rum…

For some reason, marzipan is bloody hard to get here, they try to palm off royal icing or almond flavored icing on you!! Yuck…



Ha, well as an ex chef, I am on to them!!

I did think though this year, I would need to make the marzipan….

I need to go get some presents tomorrow and take one of my cats, whitey girl to the vets.

Whitey bearing her belly

Whitey bearing her belly

She is coming along nicely, hubby can pat her and she will sit on the couch with the boys in the room.

They still need to be cautious but she is getting there.

She comes in every morning for a cat pat and she sits on my feet at night when I am on the computer…

Slowly getting her on the lap but a work in progress.

Mr Puss Puss...

Mr Puss Puss…

Mr Puss Puss is most miffed as she has taken to sleeping on the bed with him (our double bed)…

It’s not as if there is not room for them both, but he sleeps as far away from her as possible…

She is dying to be friends but he will not have a bar of it:)

Need to get one....

Merry Xmas???

Well I better bugger off and think about getting up soon….ARGH!!

As Michelle Bridges says “JFDI”!!!

If you need any Xmas inspiration food wise, check out my greedybread blog for some very YUM recipes.

NZ Lolly cake

NZ Lolly cake



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