Smoky and the Bandit…..

Hmmm, Don’t know if I would call myself a bandit but hubby is definitely smoky.



What to do, what to do? Rock and hard place….

Here is the low down….5 years ago we stopped smoking together…

Well ,me about 2 weeks ahead of him….

I locked myself in my room really for the weekend when he went away…

That’s what I needed to do to kick it.

great photo but the smokes...

great photo but the smokes…

Anyhow about 2 years ago, I noticed the odd smell of smoke…and then it got more often.

I asked a few times and he just said it was the odd smoke…

Anyhow about a year ago, I basically said, “I know you are smoking most of the time, just smoke where ever rather than hiding it etc”…

The thing is now, I really think the smoking has increased again and this worries me for $$$, health and my own cessation.

it is like this at times...

it is like this at times…

Now being an ex smoker, I know the way to get him to stop is NOT to nag, not to go on but what do you do?

If I was nagged , I would smoke more, if people went on, I would smoke more, probably if you looked at me wrong, I would smoke more.

The thing is with smoking, you need to stop….

I know you are going, “Well yes, that is a no brainer, you do need to stop”.

Love this..........

Love this……….


Only you can stop and that is what I mean when I say you need to stop…

Yes you do physically need to stop but mentally and spiritually, you also need to do it for yourself…don’t drag others into it..

Yes, you need people’s support but don’t make them your scapegoat…

You know what i mean….

Does this sound familiar?

” Oh i couldn’t stop as i couldn’t get the support I needed” or “my nicotine replacement ran out”

Be harsh and rely only on yourself.

No one else helped you to smoke!!

Don’t guilt trip yourself cause you didn’t stop for so and so…

This is why I believe it is so so so so important that you stop for yourself and no other reason.

Need I say more?

Need I say more?

Not for the man down the road, not for your kids, not cause the doctor told you, not cause you are sick.


For most people, stopping smoking is the hardest thing you will ever do.

Be honest, it is hard, it is fucking hard BUT the rewards are great.

But you need to truly believe and want to stop.


Now you maybe horrified at what I say next and think I am being hard but I ‘m not.

I think regarding stopping “Get some balls and stop”.

That is what it comes down to.

Stop being weak and making excuses, just shut up and stop.

Sorry but I have no sympathy because I smoked for 15 years and I stopped cold turkey.

I smoked within 5 minutes of waking up, that is how addicted I was.

I would scab butts from the gutter if I ran out.

I probably would have stolen smokes if I had needed to.

I am living proof you can stop.

Yes, I can say this because for years, I didn’t and couldn’t stop, I was weak and allowed my excuses to excuse my actions, or inactions.

I said I wanted to stop but really I didn’t.

Oh I tried, cause then I could say I tried and I really wanted to stop but just couldn’t….  (can you hear the violin?)

The time was never right, the weather, stress, weight, the kids but I tried….. (sob, sob ,sob)

At the end of the day, the time is NEVER right to stop, you will never find that perfect day or time.

images (14)

Stop making excuses and stop.

If you can’t STOP , fine but shut up and don’t say you tried, cause you probably didn’t.

Yes, smoking is an addiction and we  DO need to look at it how we help people stop differently.

Yes, it is hard to stop, I would NEVER DO it again, so this is why I don’t go back.

Do I want to smoke?

Most of the time no, but occasionally, yes I DO but I BREATHE DEEP and run like fuck!!!

LOL, nah, I don’t but you get my drift.

Sadly, you are an addict for life but the cravings become bearable and so infrequent.

But we need to stop babying people and stop hand patting and saying it is ok.

It is not ok, yes, you slipped up, so what?

Start again…


Stopping smoking is not a smooth road, very few people stop the first time.

It can take between 8-15 tries to stop but it doesn’t make you a failure…you are a failure if you never try again.

Anyhow as you can imagine, I can hardly say this to my husband.

He is a good man, he works hard, likes the odd drink, is a good dad and husband but he likes smokes.

I like smokes too,

I always will but I know they like me way too much and the hold they have on me is too strong, so I just can’t.

I do believe there is a time for every person to stop and I do believe we can all stop.

But what to do?

I am too tired from Super Wednesday to nag anyway….

120 minutes cardio with it 27 degrees outside and bloody muggy….

Up to 15 minutes rowing now…woooooo!!

and 2 sets of 15 minutes rowing in the 4 sets of cardio today…

and and and  and lots more ands…..20 x 4 sets of box jumps at bench level!!

My next exercise to get onto is the advanced push up thingy.

hard work and lift those weights!!

hard work and lift those weights!!

You do a push up with weights and then you lift one weight up one side and repeat the other and then push up…

Make sense?

And my ankle is sore…A worry…

 It’s a BUGGER!!

images (27)

Lastly, a hard-core stop smoking site…this site saved my sanity when I stopped!!



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