Sore, Sore and Stiff….

Old creaky bones…..

Old bones....

Old bones….

Yesterday after the Super Wednesday, I really was tired…

Maybe that was why I had the big rant about smoking.



I felt good but was really physically tired.

Same today but then I always feel that after doing weights…

The weights now are pyramid ones so it is until I am  exhausted basically….prefer running:)

But the cross training protects my legs from injury so I can run….

Damned if I do and Damned if I don’t!!

images (75)

But today I am 100 grams off the goal I said I wanted to reach by Xmas.

Eating is clean, all within limits .

My box of scorched almonds lasted 11 days!!!

That is a record…..36 almonds to a box  and 28 calories per almond:)

Scorched Almonds

Scorched Almonds

 I am going to go all out and up the ante and add another Kg to that total by Xmas day….

So 1 kg to go by Boxing day….will give myself another day:)

are you?

are you?

I have also signed up to do the Janathon….so some exercise everyday for all of January….

Not as easy as it sounds I reckon!!!

Granted I do something 12 days out of 14, as I am an all or nothing person….

So it’s all exercise or all slobbiness:)

like to do this BUT the results suck!!

like to do this BUT the results suck!!

Hubby has new exercise goal for January too so that is good too…

For his Xmas present, I have brought him 1 month of boot camp (2 x mornings a week outdoors)

and 5 Personal training sessions:)

May help him cut down at least on the fags!!



 I thought good sleep tonight and then tomorrow 45 minute run and then 1 hour plyometrics at the gym combined with rowing.

So twelve minutes rowing then 8 minutes plyometrics x 3….

Go hard out until Boxing day and then rest for one day:)

The problem is what about when I finish my programme?


This is the difficulty with all these programs, is they are 5-6 days a week, hard out, designed to get you in shape etc over 12-16 weeks BUT…..

the difficulty is in the maintaining after…..

I am happy to run every day but it’s not great for my leg…

Hmmmm, will ponder that later on…..

Will leave you today with 2 things that make me laugh….

When I was little, I used to read a book called ” My cat likes to hide in boxes”……

Minni cat in the box....

Minni cat in the box….

And this guy…well, what can I say?

Not quite what we had in mind!!

Not quite what we had in mind!!



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