Rasputin…Best Running Songs??

Boney M!

Boney M

Boney M

I don’t remember when this song came out , I was too young I think but its a great running song.

I was doing a new playlist for the new year as my ones I have , I am sick, sick, sick of….

My favourite running songs are : in no order…

Running Songs

Running Songs

Jessie J- Price Tag

Tina Arena- Chains

Aretha Franklin- Respect

Aretha & George Micheal -Knew you were waiting for me.



Kelly Clarkson -Stronger

Lloyd -Dedication to my Ex.

REM- Stand

Village People- YMCA



Snoopy’s Xmas-

Bonnie Tyler- Holding out for a hero

Pink- Stupid Girls/ Funhouse

RUN DMC- You talk too much

Most AC/DC



Beyonce- Single ladies/ Check on it

Black Eyed Peas- I gotta  feeling

Peter Blakely- Crying in the chapel

Bryan Adams & Pavarotti – O sole mio



Domingo Modugno – Volare

Lady Marmalade- Pink, Maya etc

Bryan Adams- All for love

Cher- If I could turn back time



Mariah Carey- All I want for Xmas.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

Micheal Jackson- Man in the mirror

When love comes to Town- BB King & U2. Awesome video…before Bono turned into a knob.


Probably heaps more but I can’t remember…

What are your favourites?

The Master...

The Master…

I did 1 hour running today!!! Woooo…

What did I say? Piano, Piano, Piano (slowly) and it has paid off!!

No twinges, Bloody hot, I went at 11am and it was like 26 degrees but still….

Smooth run, a few tiredness moments but all in all good!!

I may start being able to hills again soon….

Hills are still twinging my leg….So piano, piano, piano…

Run Tonto Run!!

Run Tonto Run!!

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