Its almost PAIN PYRAMID time….

I know, you are probably wondering what the hell is she talking about?


Well you know super Sundays….this is an addition to the sessions I do then….

It’s a super Sunday weights!!!

Not cardio…75 minutes of weights in Pyramid sets………….

So I will do a 30 minute run, then the 75 minutes of pain pyramids and then 15 minutes plyometrics….

BUT the pyramid sets are like this 15/ 10/8/ 2 (you can imagine how heavy this set is!!) then 8/10/15 again……ARGH!!

Hideous…And its not ones I like, as squats….

I am sure it is leg extentions….I hate them more than dreaded burpees…

Chest press, lat pull down, shoulder press , leg press, bicep curls and triceps pull-down….


Pyramid sets

Pyramid sets

You know I am NOT a fan of weights but the results make you continue with them…

Nothing like a toned slightly muscled thigh!!

Ran again today after Fridays success…

Didn’t quite do an hour, did 45 minutes and was happy with that…

Smooth running etc….Wait till I get my new songs going!!

running songs 2

Just a quick very cool add-on to yesterdays songs list….

Today I found a 4 cd set of 80’s/90’s hits!!! excellent….

That will be fun:)

This morning I was 500 g under my target weight, so very pleasing…

Err until I ate the BBQ tonight that was…..




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