Christmas Eve….Christmas Eve in NZ….

Well it is here now for me as we are the first in the world I believe to see Xmas….

Nope I lie, it is Chatham islands (which is NZ anyhow) , and Christmas Island, then the rest of NZ an hour later…

But pretty much so…

Hmm, there are some advantageous in being at the arse end of nowhere sometimes:)

It is BLOODY hot here now and its raining!! MUGGY!!

Does it feel like Xmas ? No…..

Aotearoa....Arse end of it all!!

Aotearoa….Arse end of it all!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love NZ and I am a very staunch NZer  but sometimes when I hanker to be in Italy or Turkey, I feel SOOOOOO far away…

All my European friends don’t get it when I say how lucky they are, to go from London to Venice in one hour for 25 pound….

Or 3-4 hours to Turkey or Russia….SIGH!!

The only place I can go in 3-4 hours is Aussie and it isn’t 25 pound to get there, more like ten times that…

And why would I want to go there having been so many times and lived there?

Its even hotter than here and they have snakes and spiders which we don’t.



In light of Christmas, which makes you feel all misty eyed:)

About the food to come if nothing else:)

I have a lovely Kiwi Clip for you.

It is a clip of Billy T, an Iconic Kiwi comedian..

Sadly he died sometime ago but he is so hard case and so typical of NZ humour.

His little clip below is appropriate as its his version of ” We wish you a merry Xmas”.

Love you Billy T

Love you Billy T

Kiwi Xmas...

Kiwi Xmas…

Pyramid of pain is all done….I prefer the 90-120 minutes of cardio/plyometrics

I can however feel the sore chest and shoulder muscles I will have tomorrow:) err its 12.30am now, so today….

Today ( well when I go to the gym ) I will do a super Saturday 120 minute cardio session and then a small run on Xmas day…

15 run to gym….

Run 10 minutes then 10 minutes of Plyomterics x 2 rounds ….

Row ten minutes and then ten minutes plyometrics x 2 rounds…

15 minute run home…

One thing I like about Xmas day is that the roads are pretty deserted….and its pretty quiet in general…


Especially running as its like when I run at 6am… cars to run me down:)


Merry NZ Xmas...

Merry NZ Xmas..



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