Have a safe and happy Xmas.

Enjoy the day, eat lots and be merry…..

 I did another 1 hour run today!!! Wooooo.

The best thing about it though was, that I did about 20 minutes of it cross-country….

Phew, that is tough…all up hill….Totally shagged.

cross country??


My cats are now waiting (as its 2 am here now) for the Xmas morning bacon….They have steak too…

They think as I am awake, really I should give them a pre- xmas morning taster…

Bloody cheek, I tell you!!

This will be Whitey’s first Xmas here..

and sadly my first Xmas without my beautiful ginger boy, Mr Tonto….

As you can see...Whitey has settled in well...

As you can see…Whitey has settled in well…

Bittersweet but I will put a little plate aside for him…

My Beautiful boy....

My Beautiful boy….

So relax, maybe a bit of exercise, maybe not…..

I really feel like a trifle NOW but may need to wait till boxing day….

As everything is now shut up tighter than tight!!

Hmmm, I could make the sponge, garages will sell cream, I have custard and fruit….just need jelly….

Anyway drink, eat, be merry and enjoy oneself totally and get ready for the new year to come!!!

Lots of running to be done, lots of rowing to be done and lots of new exercises to try:)

Merry Xmas…..

kiwi xmas 2


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