Daylight Bloody Robbery…….and Running..

Scorched Almonds

Scorched Almonds

Hope you all had a fantastic day.

Eaten, Drunken and gotten Merry!!

I feel like a beached whale…..

Given my fondness for scorched almonds , I should have brought some BEFORE Xmas day but I didn’t.

So yesterday about 3pm, I thought, “Hmmmm, I’ll just wander down to the garage (petrol station) to get some”.

Major Rip off..

Major Rip off..

Definitely look first as the garage here is always EXPENSIVE.

Like 2-3 times the normal value.

They punish you for not going to the supermarket.

In the shops, scorched almonds are $5-$7 , at the garage, they are $13!!!

A bar of chocolate is $3-$4 in the supermarket, in the garage $10!!

Shit, no way I was paying that so I just had to wait until today to get some from the supermarket.



I have since this morning when I got my scorched almonds, eaten way too much Pide and as a result have not even glanced in the direction of the said scorched almonds.

Maybe tomorrow.

Feel like a bloated whale….

I did though go for a run first and then the gym….

Yep, that was me....

Yep, that was me….

18 minutes on the rowing machine today!!

The rowing machine is my friend today!!

So 20 minute run to gym, 18 minutes on the rower, 25 minutes on the elliptical machine, 10 minutes abs circuit and 10 minute run to supermarket.


Now tired and bloated….Too bloated to even look at the trifle either….

Blurgh……Need a good cuppa of tea I think….

And a colonic irrigation and stomach pump…

Urgh carbohydrate and dairy stupor……



Tomorrow, a particularly nasty weights session….

and I think I will also do a 30 minute cross-country run.

I quite enjoyed that one the other day.

Hard going but gives you a good mix up.

Just need to make sure I don’t twist my ankle or stumble as I am an unco….


One tree hill....My park for x country...

One tree hill….My park for x country…


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