Hmmm was thinking….

not always a good idea to do so but what else is a girl to do on a muggy hot day ?



It was the trifle, I think, that is what did it.

Maybe I need more???

I was thinking how I hate my upper arms….from my armpit to my elbow…

My shoulders are well-defined etc and my muscles are well-defined from elbow to wrist…

But this other hideous area-urgh!!! It is the grandmas handbags area.

I can feel the muscles and see a bit of shape but…….GRRRR!!!

Running doesn’t help these babies…



Thankfully, God has not seen fit to bless me with them as yet….

So I was thinking this and then I thought….I don’t think men look at themselves in the same self-critical way as women.

Don’t ask me how those thoughts get from one to the next….

Am I wrong? or is it that they don’t voice their concerns out loud?

this is what i mean

this is what i mean

Seriously, I have heard/seen guys like above think they are hot hot hot!~!

Which is fine UNTIL they then look at a woman in the same shape as them and say something critical….

Its like “Hello”…. pot/ kettle ?????

Women, whilst very critical on themselves and other women, are not as harsh in judgement of men’s appearance, I feel.

Maybe that is just me?

I am not talking baldness or shortness which I think for some men is a VERY sensitive area.

As I said, too much trifle I think……

running songs 2

Saw in Runners world (nz /Aussie edition) today, a nice short 5 exercise weight session for runners to keep you in check….

Strengthen where you need and not where you don’t…

Maybe on my day off, I will try it….

Nasty weights session today, no cross-country run though…too hot and was tired after weights….

Might get up early and go for cross-country run as part of my cardio tomorrow….make it a Super cardio day….

Sore Achilles though I have to say, so will see how they are tomorrow and then it maybe biking and rowing for a few days:(

Tired Kiwi...

Tired Kiwi…

Going to start thinking about goals for the new year….

Run the Lucca or Venice marathon was one, learn basic Turkish, Elevate Italian fluency and grammar, do a TESOL course , discover new authors, go to Southern and Eastern Turkey,

take another tour group to Lucca ( ), have another few days in Paris and of course…


More Trifle anyone?


lucca marathon



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