Utter Madness….

not these guys but ....

not these guys but ….

Went for a run….That in itself is not madness.

But it was 1.30 pm and about a million degrees.

I knew it would be which is why I have to say I was quite cunning.

I did a route that really was only 2 km from home but was a 9 km run!

But the point of doing it like that was all the streets I was running down were leafy and shady, so I thought excellent.

ooooh lovely shade

ooooh lovely shade

What I did was I ran 2 km from home in a straight line, then I came back but what I did was run up and down all the streets off the main road I had run up…

The main road is full of trees but the off streets are even shadier…



I did not run yesterday, I was so ILL from drinking the day before…I ran though before I drank..

In fact to run yesterday would have meant tying me to the car and dragging me.

I could barely lift my throbbing head from my pillow and when I did, my stomach had convulsions!!

Not quite this bad but you get the drift...

Not quite this bad but you get the drift…

As you know, I very very rarely drink, well when I do, the next day is like I have died and gone to first hang over hell EVERY time because my body has NO tolerance at all for the booze .

Then I also had a few cigarettes so when I woke up yesterday, my mouth felt like it needed a good scraping and my body just felt grubby….OOOOHHHH

But I had fun:)

And I suppose for me its only a once a year maybe thing and I usually don’t smoke.

So today I needed to run, to clear away the cobwebs so to speak…

Or should that be sweat out the booze???? Urgh…..


Run it out….

Anyhow, onwards and upwards!!

Are you ready for Janathon?

You can sign up here!! http://www.janathon.com./

Run or some form of exercise every day in January!! and you need to blog it as well within 24 hours…


Course you are…..I am also going to start logging all exercise I do in http://www.mapmyrun.com

The Janathon site offers a training log too….http://www.runningfreeonline.com

I am using the map my run site as I use it often for tracking runs etc but now I will try to log everything I do rather than on scraps of paper or in my head…

I think It will be interesting to look back on the gains etc…



need i say more???

need i say more???

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