2017 Goals….

Goals, Goals, Goals….

Have now updated it as its no longer 2012….or 2013…or even 2015.


NO, ITS 2017!!

So what to do.

You know usually I start wanting to run all these marathons but I don’t this year.

I would just be happy to run, thanks.

Lets have a look at last year and see how we are going!

I want to progress to a good level surfing- 2017-Hmm, still working on that.

I want to open my own 2nd hand bookshop specializing in NZ Cookbooks…with a few running, cats and travel books thrown in- 2017, have completed my business course and am looking at October 2017 to open

I want to be able to run regularly again without too much hassle- ACHIEVED!!

I want to do the 1/2 ironman in Taupo in December 2016- NOT SURE NOW

I want to do the whole Ironman in Taupo 2017- NAH!

I want to take my family to the USA in 2016- YES ACHIEVED!

I want to have less black dog moments- SORT OF.

I want to buy another house in 2017- MAYBE

I want my children & hubby to remain healthy & happy- SEEM TO BE!

I want my cats to continue to dominate the household:)- Ha ha, they do!!

I want less animal abuse and will work with cat colonies here in Taupo.


Look its my buddy Tonto, Run free buddy, hope your wings are taking you far….

Love and miss you xxx.

Run Tonto Run 🙂

Bit tired, no running for me today:) Look at me mum!!


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