Welcome to 2013!!! Janathon Day 1…

Hmmm welcome to another year…



Sorry to sound so skeptical …..

I tell you, after last years shiter of a year, I deserve something bloody good:)

2012 started off well….Spent January, February and March in France, Italy and Istanbul…Fabulous…

8 or so weeks away, no work, no kids, and for 4 weeks no hubby….

I come home in March and by June, I have seriously offended the gods and they have shitted on me majorly!!!bad-karma1

In June, I have no job, am taking my work to the employment tribunal, am seriously depressed, my leg is playing up so little/ or no running, think my husband is ready to divorce me….

It gets worse.

I get another job but then lose it (in November), the employment tribunal is dragging on (still) , almost mental breakdown time from stress,

my favourite cat has to be put to sleep, which just devastates me, our house is way too small….It is just endless…





BUT there is some light at the end of it….

By October I have been able to start running again but very very small amounts…

So I better be getting some good karma this year, I tell you!!


Anyhow onwards and upwards I suppose.

Janathon starts today.

Bearing that in mind, I did not go crazy on the booze last night:)

Wee bit seedy today but nothing major at all….

Very very hot here today so I have just run now, at 6pm.

Todays run was very similar to my cunning run of the other day….

7.57 km run, pretty much flat, the odd small incline, one small hill, lots of tree’s and shade.

44 minutes.

So if you haven’t signed up to blog and jog, get in now and sign up at the link below.

Or just set yourself a fitness challenge for January…


cross country??



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