Almost Stumbled and Its only Day 2….


The goal!!

The goal!!

But good sense and guilt prevailed and off I went to do my pyramid of pain weight exercises…

4 exercises, 9 sets per exercise then a quick round of burn till you drop!!

No running today..hence the hesitation.

I never hesitate when it comes to running, I just go.

I have conditioned myself well…no, I just really like the running.

running 3

I would have thought after the few espresso’s I had that I would have been rearing to go….

Ha aha , I probably will be at 11pm at night!!

I spent the day with my hubby checking out coffee machines….

Hubby brought himself an Nespresso machine, so lots of sampling has needed to be done.

It certainly is espresso size coffee too!!

Our shot glasses would give you more….

Oh well if it makes Hubby happy, that is ok with me.

It is very rare that he buys anything frivolous so to speak….so i said just buy what you want, never mind if it’s not really practical etc….

no george with my NESPRESSO!!

no George with my NESPRESSO!!

Not bad....

Not bad….

You can’t buy the bloody stuff at the supermarket but we did see some coffee capsules today at the supermarket that said they were compatible but did not mention names!!

You need to go online and buy them and you can’t just buy them willy nilly anywhere.

You need to own a machine and prove it before you can join the club and buy the stock!!

Or you can mosey on down to the coffee boutique and choose there.

Luckily for Hubby(maybe not our bank account) there is one about 10 minutes away from our home.

Nespresso Boutique

Nespresso Boutique

Have you done your Janathon today?

Day two of the Janathon is all done and dusted, as per above….

Don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t or just join in on your own or devise your own challenge for January!!

So on…Be a devil….





2 thoughts on “Almost Stumbled and Its only Day 2….

  1. good on you!! my disadvantage , living down here, is that my day starts b4 anyone elses so no one to make me feel guilty except me:(…
    BUT then by the time i am relaxing in the PM, you guys are just getting into it:)

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