Weight for it…..Ha ha..Day four…

Welcome to day four.

Flat boy butt

Flat boy butt

Last night I found a February challenge which I reblogged on here.

The BUTT challenge.

I must admit, I don’t want a sticky out butt…

That butt of Coco Austin makes me shudder but each to their own:)

I like a flat boy butt but it needs to be a firm flat boy butt like Mila Kunis above:)

Give it to me baby!!

Kellie Davis...This is the BUTT!!

Kellie Davis…This is the BUTT!!

Kellie Davis is very inspirational , she is normal and not over the top.

Her website has some great info….http://www.motherfitness.com

She is like a toned down version of Jennifer Nicole Lee.

Amazing figure Jennifer has but she looks often looks like a ho.

no thanks...

no thanks…

No Kardashian butt for me thanks!!!

Less jiggle when I run:)

Anyway if you didn’t see the BUTT challenge, here is the link, so check it out!!


Not for me thanks

Not for me thanks

So here we are day four, done and dusted.

10 minute run to the gym and ten minute run home.

50 minutes weights and 15 minutes plyometrics  (the old fav’s…burpees etc)

Hope Janathon is going well with everyone else.

And speaking of things to keep you in shape….

Hubby and I started growing our own vegetables in a bid to be healthier, cut costs and as something to do with our boys…

We have just started seeing the fruits of this labour.

cherry tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

We have been enjoying salads, salads and salads which is not a bad thing in our heat here:)

Watermelon, tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers will be ready soon…well 3-6 weeks I think…

Strawberries too…

If you want to see more, check out my vegetable post:)






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