Grrrr Freaking Weight!!

So frustrating….GRRRRRRRR.



My weight jumped up by 2 kg, basically in 2 days………..

I know it’s either fluid or a normal blip that will (please god) will go away in a few days …

BUT it is so so so annoying and disheartening.

Granted, I have been more friendly with the odd trifle and licorice all sorts than normal.

BUT I have taken into account these extra calories and done extra exercise or taken it from my daily allotment….

This would be good.

This would be good.

I also feel that it could be muscle gain.

I have noticed in the last week my muscles have become more defined.

Yes, I know muscle is not heavier than fat, but you can fit more muscle into a space than you can fat.

My clothes are not tighter which is why the numbers PISS me off!!

After reading some of Kellie Davis blog yesterday about the muscle gain, I tend to hope that is what it is.

She demonstrated how even though her weight basically remained the same over a year, she stripped 15 pound of fat from her frame and replaced it with muscle.

Interesting article.


Anyhow, Janathon day 6 is done and dusted!!

Run 20 minutes to the gym …..

Weights 45 minutes

Plyometrics 10 minutes

Abs 10 minutes….

Home straight away!!! ha ha ha….

Leg is fine at the moment.

My Achilles were a little tender for a few days but they seem to have come right:).

Hope you have all had a good day 6 of Janathon or whatever Challenge you have set yourself!!


I have a lovely new duvet to try tonight…Mmmmm nice and clean and new:)

Rest those tired legs!!

Run Tonto Run.

cats night



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