Grrr….F***kers in their cars!!

WARNING: If you don’t like profanities, don’t go any further!!

Every runner will know what I am saying here…

Every Cyclist and walker too probably…

Car wankers!!

Car wankers!!


Today I am at the lights, you know where you need to fucking stop???? and the walk now sign goes green…

Now last time I checked, green walking man meant go across the bloody road….

So across the road I go and this FUCKER almost runs me over!!



This twat on the opposite side of the road wanting to turn the corner…

All he had to do was wait another maybe 10 seconds until I was across the road…

But no, he can’t wait…This is not the first time this has happened on huge main roads and I SERIOUSLY WANT to throw my phone at their windscreen.

Or a big rock.

I pointed to the lights and gave the prick the finger!!

Wanker GRRRRRRR!!!!

stone thrower

It really pisses me off as we are talking a matter of waiting 5-10 seconds more .

But also it’s not as if I am jaywalking, that is what annoys me the most…..

This is like pricks in their cars and bikes….I am too scared to ride my bike most of the time….

Because people don’t think….Open their door without a thought, cyclist goes flying etc etc….

We all know the story….So many cyclists die here because of stupid stupid people and runners too….

images (98)Right that rant is done….I could go on and on and on as it REALLY annoys me…

But  calm, calm, calm shall prevail….

Lord, Give me the serenity to accept……you know the rest!!


Keep Clam & Carry On

Janathon Day 7…..

A hilly run today…..9.16km but a good run….

Have to take care on the hills as leg does get twingy afterwards and a little during….

But a good run, felt good (despite the fuckwit), strong…excellent all round…

I did notice though a few people in the Janathon have done something like 30 hours exercise in a week???

download (1)

Is that mental or normal?

I thought maybe it was an error….It was logged as running too…that’s 4 plus hours a day….

Crikey I thought my 60-90 minutes a day was good….

I better get my runners back on:)


Don’t forget its never too late to enrol:)


The naughty boy himself

The naughty boy himself


4 thoughts on “Grrr….F***kers in their cars!!

  1. sadly, like all things, it only takes one….i wouldn’t dream of running during the day with both earphones in on my ipod…its music down low and one earpiece so i can still concentrate on traffic etc…. back to 6am runs i think:) no cars, no people, just runners, cyclists etc…

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