Look at this!!!
You know I like map my run but check this baby out!!


I got this fantastic APP for my Ipad and Iphone called walk jog run. It is brilliant. Why?

  • You can put in your postcode and see how many other mad people near you run also and have plotted their runs
  • It lists local runs by mileage so you choose by distance
  • You can choose a run and then choose to follow it watching yourself on a red line along the blue plotted run line
  • When you are new to an area it gives you an idea where to go
  • It has training plans
  • It tells you the hillyness of a course
  • When you have a query about the APP and you email the contact they reply almost immediately (how good is that?)
  • Many other things I have not found yet

(All you App users out there that walk or jog or run GET THIS APP)

Last night I spent some…

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