Nasty…..All you nasty girls (errr boys too) …

Remember that song by Janet?


This is nasty, nasty, nasty but it’s for all us NASTY runners out there…

Actually it is for all of you who feel NASTY!!

It is very very very effective so I hear!

So am starting to do this from today…..4-5 days a week………

Ouchy, ouchy,ouchy!!

Yes, THESE!!

Yes, THESE!!

Try doing the side leg lifts after holding that side plank….3 sets of 5???????


Shitey bum, 5 only is me and that is really giving myself a coronary..

Now if you wake up tomorrow and can not move your mid section, blame John from Fit for 365.


It is all his fault!!

I was reading John’s post about stretching

I then recalled his prior post about the foam rollers

I think that had planted  the stretching seed in my mind:(

I thought ” Hmmm, yes, I need to do some stretching, I haven’t done and for a long time BUT I don’t like stretching”….

Also I had seen this lady using the foam roller in the gym the day before.


Telling me to do some STRETCHING!!

Arsey, Arsey….I hate stretching….

Well I don’t but what I find is that even though I am sure I have sloth blood in me somewhere, I find it hard to stay still long enough…

My long lost cousin

My long-lost cousin

I am quite a hyper person (even though I read a lot)  and I find it hard to sit still etc, so can you imagine me doing stretches or hatha yoga???

No, that is right…It is wrong!!

Weights are hard enough but I try to do lower reps with lots of sets so I still get that jizzed up cardio buzz…

Or do super sets and then a plyometric exercise in between to keep the heart rate up:)

I do wonder if this is the result of a long life prior living on a zillion cups of coffee and smokes???

Wasn’t that a Woody Allen film? Cigarettes and Coffee…..

coffee and smokes


Anyway I digress as usual….

What was I saying?

Oh yes, beat John with a foam roller!!!

But not so hard he can’t run as he still needs to complete Janathon!!

So here I was , minding my own business, thinking about stretching ( & swearing in my mind at John)and……..

Lo and behold!!! on my 12WBT Michelle Bridges FB page, up pops these core exercises!!

Me being a fool, thinks “Ohhhh, this may do, instead of stretches”…


Should have gone with the foam roller….

download (2)BUT I want to hear how you like it!!!

Now for the daily Janathon report…..

Day Eight!!

9.41 km run in 55 minutes…. and then the 15-20 minutes of ouchiness above.

It will be very effective I feel:)

My stomach and core has never ever really recovered from 3 hulking baby boys!!

Tomorrow weights, a wee row and FOAM ROLLERS!!!




4 thoughts on “Nasty…..All you nasty girls (errr boys too) …

  1. Thanks for the mention and no thanks for the beating with the foam roller! Then again, it might not be too bad. You’ll appreciate the post I’m going to publish today.

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