Stupendo!! Bellissimo!!

As you can gather, the meh’s  from yesterday have gone…


A good sleep, a good book and a good run:) will work wonders…..

A wonderful run today….Cunning run 3, I like to call it.

Yep that is original:)

My cunning runs are usually my shady tree runs…cunning because I can run in the mid day sun but not give my self heat exhaustion…

Very hot but shady and even a slight breeze…Bellissimo!!

As you can see below, beautiful streets to run down….very quiet.

You would not even think they had main roads either end of them:)

one of cunning run streets

one of cunning run streets

Today 11km in 1 hour and 2 minutes I think so an increase in speed…

My normal rate is about 10km an hour, give or take a few metres each side:)

The good thing about these cunning runs is that I go down streets that are only 1 km or so away or less but I would probably never go down them…

So it’s a journey of discovery too, seeing things that I never normally see but so close to home:)

One street, 4 streets over from mine…has  swings and other type things along quite a few of the trees outside on the pavement…

One even has those Olympic rings…

Very cool….

tree swings

So Day ten of Janathon, done and dusted!!

We are, people, 1/3 of the way through!!

So don’t you be shirking!!

Off to see the Hobbit tonight…

I thought it was time and appropriate as it was filmed here in NZ….


Off to see the wizard...err Hobbit...

Off to see the wizard…err Hobbit…


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