Far Far Far away…….

NO…that is not what I was going to say….

far far away

I was going to say FAR FAR FAR TOO HOT to do cunning running today…need to go inside to the gym.

The evil cats are even too hot to move.

They are lying strategically around the house in cool positions…

Puss Puss gorged himself on cat biscuits at 8.30 am and then threw up all over our NEW duvet!!

Hmmm not sure this is the coolest place to lie...

Hmmm not sure this is the coolest place to lie…

Puss Puss is our fluffy ginger, he is a large lad so the heat is terrible for him….

He is very very fluffy, and I need to comb him daily .

I like to say part Maine coon as he is very long and large.

Oli calls him Fat Tony:)

He is a tad overweight but who is perfect?

He is exceptionallyfussy as regards his drinking water…

He doesn’t like still water…And he likes to sleep in strange places…


He likes to squish himself into small cavities….

God knows how he does not get stuck….

Despite the heat, at night he likes to lie as close as possible to you and because he is like ten ton Tessie, its stifling in the heat.

He has to rest his head on you…

I don’t like any contact when i sleep so it is a constant battle which I always lose.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with him sitting next to my face, staring at me!!

hard life being a Puss Puss...

hard life being a Puss Puss…

That is after almost having a heart attack.

Or his best favourite at the moment is he will tear along the hall way at top speed and then jump on you while you sleep!!

You can imagine what that does to the heart rate!!

For a large lad, he is agile!

Even when one of Grant or I are away and he then has the option of half the bed, he still will lie as close as he can to who ever is in the bed…

Which is weird because he is not a smoochy cat, he only likes pats when he asks for them…

And he only  just tolerates been picked up:)

Puss Puss...

Puss Puss…

So evil cats are too hot for evil cat deeds today:)

Day eleven of Janathon, done and dusted….

Just like to add, I now know how to add links on words….i wasn’t 100% sure how to do it….

Woooo, pretty good:)…I knew how to do it with the link address…

hot hot

Anyway I digress.

Today 4km run to the gym and back , 20 minutes.

Far to hot to attempt anything outside for longer.

In the gym , 48 (yes, 48) minutes rowing and 25 minutes plyometrics….

Phew, am buggered now….way too hot to do anything…..blah….

Will lie on the bed and read with CLEAN duvet as our room is very cool at the back of the house.

runner hot


Tomorrow is the pyramid of pain and no doubt a gazillion degrees…


4 thoughts on “Far Far Far away…….

    • Thanks…back at you!
      I would exercise probably about 25 days out of 30 anyway but just doing it EVERY day makes it hard…
      Its nice just knowing, if you want a day off its there:)..February 1st will be spent with feet up:)
      I love Eddie….he looks very mischevious…its a ginger trait i think…Mr Puss puss is quite quiet really but forceful when he wants something:)

  1. Puss puss is so like Oscar (is it me but do all gingers look the same?) a lot bigger though, O also disgrace himself on out duvet but it was not sick it was worse far worse! Keep cool.

  2. Some gingers yes but then bitzer gingers not so much as in looking the same…Puss Puss assures me he has a VERY hard life being a cat…especially today as he had to lie on the carpet because someone took his duvet away!!

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