I swear it is a million degree’s.

Feeling very hot, sticky, grumpy….HOT!!

We are roasting here in Dante’s HELL!!


The cats are flaked out on the kitchen floor….they can’t even be bothered to move at all…

Apart from the odd piteous meow…

Actually, Puss Puss lying in the dirt like that reminded me of the dogs lying everywhere and anywhere in Pompeii….

Stifling heat  and these dogs would just lie down where the fancy took them.

When I first saw them I thought they had been hurt or something…

Flaked out by 11am...

Flaked out by 11am…



Pomepii Dogs

Pompei Dogs

Maybe I should be like them and lie down on the cool dirt???

There was no WAY I could do any cunning running today unless I wait till 8-9 pm…

And we all know that by that time, would be far toooooo tired!!

If it is like last night, it’s still muggy as hell then too.

See the temperature here is hot, usually 26-30 BUT in Auckland we have hideous humidity and that is what makes it intolerable…

The air is hot, the air is still, its blurhhhhhhh…

Today’s Janathon was definitely going to be inside…..


I decided I would do a bike ride today, in the gym of course….the cool air conditioning of the gym…

So 15.3km ride through rocky terrain….It was the Pyrenees’ ride):



I really don’t like cycling at all…I just prefer to run.

I don’t like spinning but the benefits of spinning are excellent …But its a hard yakka.

 In cycling,  like running, I am not a sprinter, I like long runs, smooth runs, a bit of hill but long and steady , a bit sprinty and short:)

I like Bike rides like that too…I would rather trek up the mountain than do sprints on the velodrome.

I have to say the programmes available on the bikes are pretty amazing…

Most are similar to the vindicator program that Heidi was talking about on day ten of her Janathon …

Very Evil.

Deep fried ice cream balls

Deep fried ice cream balls

Evil, I think, designed to make you PAY for that chocolate or that cake!!

Maybe that is what they need, programs that have names of food on them?

Want a cake..push cake and you get to do 45 minutes of gut wrenching sprints!!

 Want a curry, 90 minutes of long hard mountains for you!!

 I know it is a sin to say this BUT it is even too hot for chocolate…

A nice mojito would go down a treat.


But then I may need to do 2 vindicator rides to have that:)

Even in the gym, I have to say I was dripping sweat …


I am going to lie down in our room where its cool….

The evil cats have retired to the kitchen , flaked out on the kitchen floor, making it impossible to do anything in the kitchen….

I am not sure why as its is as hot as Dante’s hell in there with me cooking!!

Just have a wee wee wee wee gripe before I bugger off.


With the totals in the Janathon list (hours or kms) there has to be some errors….

You know how you list your activity on running free online? and you can see the totals?

I think some people have stuffed it up…..

.One person has done 51.3 hours biking in one day??? yet they only biked 33 miles??

It must have been a long hard SLOW ride…

And someone else has run 13 .4 miles in 29 hours on one day????

Its easy enough to do as I logged a run that was 45 hours than 45 minutes….


I know it is being anal but I like things to be RIGHT!!!

Especially when I am putting in the hard yakka….

Yep, very competitive…

Heat is obviously getting to me….

I shall bugger off before I go insane ranting:)


hot hot


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