TOOOOOOOOO hot to speak!!

stinky hot

What can I say??? I think the heat is going to drive me mad….

You can’t think, you can’t read, you can’t eat, you just need to lie on cold surfaces!!

You can lie on the couch though according to Hubby, watch cricket and drink Jim beam!!

Never too hot for that….I beg to differ.

Personally I think mojito’s would do the trick better or Jack Daniels on ice…..

this is more my style....

this is more my style….

Anyway, Janathon waits for no man or in this case for the heat to subside!!

I put it off as long as humanely possible but I KNEW I had to go out in the heat….

You are probably thinking “Why not go into the gym?”

I am not really a treadmill runner, I like being outside….

The treadmill freaks me out……

I find if I am not in the mood to run, I keep looking at the time or distance (despite attempts to cover it up)…

At least if I am outside, there is stuff to distract me and I don’t wear a watch and my phone is tucked away….

 I am constantly afraid I will trip over and go flying off the treadmill.



So I did a variation of the cunning runs BUT it was still stinky, stinky, stinky HOT!!

8.0 kms in 45 minutes and that my friends is enough in the heat.

It just saps your energy and you feel like blah blah blah….

Hubby and I have been meaning to get up and go early BUT obviously we haven’t.

Hubby doesn’t run but he cycles etc and we are both starting a 4 week boot camp on Tuesday.

That was Hubby’s Xmas gift from me and the boys as he wants to lose 10 kg.

Personally I think less of the Jim beam and cricket and more of the running/ biking etc but what do I know???

So Boot camp at 6am it is….

Fun as I am NOT a morning person at all and I am a solitary runner too…

Too competitive to do it with a group:)

It will do me good to get out of my comfort zone:)


boot camp 3

Other posts for your amusement!!

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I need to find some NZ and Aussie people doing Janathon:)


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Have a good one!!


Ohhhh before I truly go, check out this blog if you like cats….

Its so good

Hands on Bowie!!

I love love love it!!

I want to look after Mr Bowie when his Human has a holiday:)

Poor old Puss Puss..way too hot for him..

Poor old Puss Puss..way too hot for him..

2 thoughts on “TOOOOOOOOO hot to speak!!

  1. me too, i love gingers….Mr puss puss has been sleeping onside on the deck at night…that is how hot it is…he still scratches on the balcony door to be let in at 5.30 AM though for brekkie…Even though we leave all the other doors open!! talk about who is the boss!! errr not me:) hope the rain stops there…

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