Bit of a Tizzy….

toddler_tantrumShit!! I just bloody wiped my post!! GRRRR

That was not what the tizzy was about though…

Last night, I worked myself into a right lather about day 14 of Janathon….

I couldn’t remember what I had done….DUH!!!

That is because I was a day ahead of myself……A right of tizzy was had, I tell you!!

Then I went to pour hot water into the tea caddy, not my cup.

Sad woman:)

running rian

download (5)Guess what happened when I was running home?

IT RAINED, BLESSED BE!! It was sheer and utter bliss.

Not much, but who cares, it was RAIN!!

I love running in the rain anytime but to come in this dreadful heat…what heaven:)

download (6)So day 14 (ha ha) of Janathon is:

4.1 km run and back to the gym…21 minutes

70 minutes weights and plyometrics at the gym….

Very pleased also today for 2 reasons….

Michelle Bridges

Michelle Bridges

1) Am at week 8 of Michelle Bridges 12wbt Program

2) Hit the 56’s this morning!! Woo , woo , wooo….

Have been stuck in 57-58 fluctuation for about 3 weeks…………….

And haven’t been at 56 since I came back from Italy in March….

I eat like a pig there and remain the same weight…Go figure!!



Michelle Bridges, as I have rattled on about many a time, is great…

I have done her programs before but I lose interest about week 6…

I usually use her exercise programs.

I have integrated it in with Janathon and other little bits I do.

I belong to a 12wbt Facebook group for NZers…

There are some really inspirational people on there and a few of them write blogs…

One is on my blog roll…Flogging the fat..

Check it out.

Its great, real and funny but you nod and go yep, understand!

This will be me tomorrow...

This will be me tomorrow…

Bootcamp tomorrow at 6am!!





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