To Paleo or not to Paleo….

That is the question….

I have pondered this for a while.

paleo 2

I did try the Paleo  eating plan a few years ago and felt it was good BUT hard to stick to.

I have looked at Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson as well.

If you clear away the new agey , nicey, nicey, bit hippyish Californian jingle, it’s quite good.

It is a more realistic version of the Paleo diet , I personally think.


Yes, he does promote his book and goods BUT at the end of the day he never tells you, you need this products to do well.

I discovered through Marks blog, a NZ woman, Michelle Matangi, who used his eating plan, with personal modifications to great success and she has a worldwide following:)

The crossfit freaks, love Paleo style diets as well.

If you haven’t tried crossfit, do it!!

It will give your fitness another edge:)

Very simply, the Paleo diet is:


1) protein (meat, fish, seafood)

2) nuts, seeds

3) fruit and vegetables

4) no processed foods

5) Healthy Fats


1) Dairy

2) Grain

3) processed foods

4) alcohol.

5) legumes

Remember there are many variations on these guidelines.

paleo 3

When you look at what is above, really there is nothing weird about it.

It doesn’t want you to eat strange combinations of food.

Yes, it is difficult because we are so conditioned to eating food in a can, a jar, a packet…

Food heavily laden with additives, sugars and preservatives.

Numerous studies (I will not get into it here but if you really want, email me and I will send you lists) warn us of processed foods.

download (9)

One book I personally have found very interesting, partly because it is written by a professor at my university and I did papers in his department, is “Mismatch“.

I even had him as a guest lecturer once…RARIFIED AIR!!!

No, he is very down to earth…

Mismatch is written by Sir Peter Gluckman.

He also went to the school my boys go to.

He is an advocate of evolutionary medicine but before you go off, he is not some dial a drongo!!

Basically though his book states that many of the ‘modern’ diseases have come because our bodies are not matched to our environment any longer.

Food, we now eat, thus does not match what your bodies actually need.

Really, we should be eating more simply because we have every convience to assist us now so no need for highly complex foods.

Any interesting theory and one I believe in myself.

Not that I am a 100%  nutrition freak….Sadly I am not.

Having being a hyperactive child and having bouts of depression as an adult, and these are termed “modern diseases’,

I am only too familiar with the effects food has on us.

I know myself, if I eat too much sugar and processed foods, I get very down as well as feeling blah, bloated and gross.

download (10)

Robb wolf is another advocate of the Paleo/cavemen style of eating.

His book is also interesting.

I like the idea of Paleo but……

For me, I think to aim for an 80/20 ratio is good.

My difficulty is that I love bread…Hence my bread blog….Greedybread

Granted it is not white processed bread but lovely homemade breads.

Even my white bread is fabulous!! No additives in it, all natural…:)

And delicious!!

My homemade french style bread...

My homemade french style bread…

Maybe I will do a month of it , using the 80/20 ratio in February.

Bread in moderation and some yoghurt…Everything else can go:)

Pasta will be hard, rice, no problem….

I eat pretty well but like the odd decadence…Else why live?

I would rather though spend my indulgences on well cooked succulent meals than fast food and crap food.

What do you reckon?

Paleo or no Paleo???







Marks Daily Apple

The Paleo Diet


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