Think Daddy will be having a WEE fit…


As I fed his smoked fish to the cats…

Equivalent of feeding caviar to cats really….

Friend gave him a huge fillet, all boned and smoked nicely….

I ran out of cat food and it was too late to go to the supermarket…

cats fish'

Which translates to too lazy to go to the supermarket…

Plus it had been in there at least a week.

OK, it is sealed in special stuff but what can I say???

Not all of it, just a tad!! They liked it too:)

download (7)Janathon, day 15…..

Very Very tired now…

Got up at 5.30 am after going to bed at 2.30 to go to boot camp.

I was a fool and drunk some really strong coffee last night and was wide awake at 2am!!

strong coffeeSo anyway, I dragged my sorry self off to boot camp…

Luckily they are not HAPPY morning people there.

That would be too much and I would have to kill them, if I had the strength.

download (11)45 minutes of hellish type behaviour at 6am..

Shuttle runs, wall sits, sit ups, push ups, bear crawls, planks, ramp runs, squats and lots of hideous things like that.

Thank God for small mercies and there were NO burpee’s!! err this time.

Designed to make you SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT!!

I need a bit of a rev up, exercise wise,  I think so this will be good for me , 2 x a week for 4 weeks:)

I do push myself BUT I think every so often you need someone else to do it, as you do work harder then.

I have also done a 45 minute run…so EXHAUSTED and its only 2pm!!

me too!!

me too!!

As you can see Mr Puss Puss is shattered!!

He has been acting a little strange in the last few days.

He has been lying in some strange, unPuss Puss like places…

Like above!!

Before when Olli was making a ham sandwich , he was meowing more piteously than usual…

And that was after Olli gave him some ham…and smoked fish!!

not a usual place to sit.

not a usual place to sit.

He has taken to lying in the wardrobe on top of shoes and clothes and things, not sure why.

Usually the comfy bed is best or the balcony.

He will lie on things, he has always done that but not in such places..

He was on the kitchen bench ontop of my cookbooks yesterday for a while.

He has never slept or sat beside me on the computer as above either.

Mr Tonto used to do it all the time but never Puss Puss.

I think he has lost a little weight too.

Ok, He needs to a bit as he weighs about 8 kg but I can feel it.

I will put him on the scales…

And speaking of scales…another 500g GONE!!





Whitey checking out the fridge...

Whitey checking out the fridge…







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