Over half way…….

Through Janathon….


Liking it BUT will be glad of a day off.

Then straight into Paleo and butt challenge.

Yesterday afternoon, I really was shagged from that boot camp and no sleep.



I was thinking today, I have not put in the walking I do….

I do about 90-120 minutes daily.

I walk as much as I can, mainly to save money since I am jobless but all the pennies saved all add up as do the kms walked:)

dole office

Speaking of joblessness, how in GODS NAME do some of these people who work at job centers/ dole office get jobs there?

Some staff are rude, no help, make you feel worthless and smug on top of it.

You know, those who can say yes to an extra grant if you prove to be grovelly enough or worthy.

Ha, how do you judge worthy?

Have to say there is something for to be said for Sweden , is it, where you get what you paid in..?

I have paid in for 20 years and never until now asked for a brass razoo…

Yet I still get treated like pond scum…

pond scum

Here in NZ, the job centre is in with dole office , housing and anything thing else that comes under social welfare.

It is supposed to be a one stop shop:)

I must admit, most jobs at the job centre are crap or best for graduates or fresh from school people.

The guy I see there is really nice but he is 24, what does he know of the stress of family and unemployment? he tries his best:)

But the one time I was interested in one of their jobs, he had to refer me to someone else.


How it works is:

1) You chose the job you may like….

2) You get referred to the job broker from your case manager.

3) The job broker contacts you if they think you are ok…if not, well no one tells you that.

4) Job broker then refers you to the employer.

5) Maybe the employer rings you…if you are lucky.

So this job broker lady rings me but I was busy so let my phone go to answerphone.

I ring her back  ASAP.

As WINZ staff NEVER EVER answer their phones because you can imagine the call volume, I leave a message.

This woman was incredibly rude and told me I need to answer my phone AT ALL TIMES when WINZ ring or they will take it I am not interested in work.

For a start, their phone numbers are blocked so how can I know?

What if I am in the toilet, asleep, with people or in a job interview?

I rang her back twice straight away and she was still rude and she sounded dumb as shite!!

download (12) I know from working for this Government department previously for some time, what these people earn.

Believe me, that makes you even sicker!!

You look at some of them and you think “And they are telling me how to get work”…

When they look like something the cat dragged in, don’t always have the best education or experience (as the govt needs to fill quotas) and they are supposed to boost people’s morale.

All they often do is push people into jobs they hate or aren’t suitable for because of “targets’ they have to meet.

How can you have KPI’S for unemployment?

With a big hypocritical minister anything is possible!!

Meet Paula Bennett, a minister who was only too happy to take everything she could get off the system when she was a single parent under the ever generous Labour government.

Yet the first thing Paula does when she gets into office is strip the benefits bare.

The lovely Minister Bennett.

The lovely Minister Bennett.

First to be targeted was the single parents benefit and she said “That it was different in her day”!! Ha Hah….

Yes, people got more money then:) and the government fully paid for beneficiaries like Paula Bennett to go to university.

How can you take a department seriously that has serious breaches of privacy ?

how dumb are NZ social welfare staff?

early exercise

Rant all done!!


No wonder I run!!

Today 10.1 kms in 55 minutes

Janathon day 16, done and dusted…

And dad’s fish is ALL gone:)

Mum needs to feed me NOT answer her phone!!

Mum needs to feed me and pat me, NOT answer her phone!!

What a beautiful boy!!



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