So many challenges…not enough time…..

Love this dancers leg challenge from Higher tone

This is going to be part of my February butt challenge..

and this....

Fresh fruit…..

Just in case you forgot the butt it is again….

Butt Challenge for February!!

Phew, butt and legs here I come!!!

Ouch, I can feel it already:(

Shall we add in that hideous core one too???

Yes, I know you want to!!

Bounce a coin of my butt and crack a walnut with those thighs:)

Don’t forget, we will be doing a month of Paleo too!!

Thanks to backonpointe for this

Janathon day 17….Yep day 17….

Just a simple run…8.2 kms 48 minutes…..

Not much else today, bit tired and BOOT CAMP  is tomorrow …

I need to do another weights session as I have only done one so far this week…

So maybe go hard out tomorrow , do boot camp then weights):

Maybe Saturday….

I also have about 20 odd people coming over for dinner and my brother and his family staying the weekend…

Cooking, Cooking, Cooking…

Tired already…..


A wee bit of exciting news though..

I have sourced Kadiyif, this Turkish pastry which it has proven to be very hard to get here in NZ.

Have a nosey here what I intend doing with it…







3 thoughts on “So many challenges…not enough time…..

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