Very quick today….

As I have a million people descending on my house for dinner etc at 6 ish….

I am just putting the finishing touches to the gingerbread men for the kids…

dinnerLove gingerbread men, they make me sooooo happy:)

Alex, my youngest son, has outdone himself on his double choc brownies…

We are having variety of BBQ meats etc, various salads, Beef chilli, rice, mexican corn bread, garlic bread, bbq corn on the cob…

in the flesh....

in the flesh….

 Chocolate brownies, gingerbread men and ginger cookies and cream with coffee for after…

Maybe some watermelon too as its very hot..

download (19)

Tomorrow I have to face the school uniform shop at 9am!!

With all the other hordes so will need to be there by 8.30 i think:)

download (20)

Janathon day 18

Boot camp for 45 minutes at 6am!!

I think this time deserves at least a medal…

Today we were doing these things called BEAR GRYLLS, which were like spidering up a mountain but moving like gollum across the grass!!

Make sense?

 I tell you my legs were/are bloody killing me!!


My boys love him..

He reminds me of a modern-day MacGyver.

Remember him? he was bloody annoying too.

download (22)

We did a 8 exercises circuit too and some other things, all hideous of course!!

A 14 km ride to feed my colony cats today..45-60 minutes dependant on traffic.

Not quite this many at this colony ...

Not quite this many at my colony …


Mr Puss Puss is tuckered out after that!!

Mr Puss Puss is hiding in case he needs to go to boot camp!!


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