That bloody rowing machine!!

yep, here we go!!

yep, here we go!!

I had to row today because……

1) I have run for the last 4 days.

2) Achilles were a bit sore.

3)Thought I better mix it up.

4) Have only done one weights session this week instead of normal 3.

5) Didn’t want to not be able to run tomorrow:)

Mr Puss Puss thought he would do a spot of sunning...not rowing.

Mr Puss Puss thought he would do a spot of sunning…not rowing.

Row, row your boat i did…..

Janathon day 20….

Rowed 54 minutes…yes that is right!!

13kms I think it was….

Can you imagine how sore my butt cheeks were ?

I am not sure if it was from the rowing or the bloody rowing seat thingy…

Mini just had a sleep...

Mini was busy stalking birds..

The rowing machine though is a good indication of how your fitness increases.

Same as cycling..well for me it is as I usually only do them maybe once a week…

I went for 2 cycles ( real ones, not gym ones) this week and noticed it was easier than last time to get up a certain hill.

Imagine how easy it will be after the February dancers leg challenge…!!

I may need to start going up proper hills:) not inclines…

I went to the markets today….

Bliss , the food was just divine as always, fresh, colourful, fragrant and tasty:)

Makes me smile just thinking about it.

I shall leave you today with a few market snaps!!


Nougat from the Turkish stall

Nougat from the Turkish stall

Black Maori potatoes...

Black Maori potatoes…



Turkish Stall

Turkish Stall

To see all the beautiful piccies, check out Greedybread.

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