Hmmmm, very nasty!! Just what I like:)…

My Fit Religion

Last week we Cut the Crap & Added Fat. How did that go for everyone? Did you get obese from eating good healthy things that were not “fat-free”? Didn’t think so. This week’s FOOD COW is to try & swap some of your grain-containing staples like bread, rice, pasta, cous cous, wraps, rice crackers, corn thins, taco shells etc with something that actually provides your body with more nutritional benefits- VEGETABLES. There are LOADS of great alternatives over at My Food Religion but let me help you out with a few.

– Lettuce cups instead of taco shells
– Cauliflower “rice” instead of actual rice/cous cous
– Zucchini noodles instead of pasta

Share your genius ideas with us and the rest of the Fit-Fam here or on our Facebook page.

This week’s FIT COW is a stinger! But, guess what?! You get to halve the pain with a buddy……

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