Inspirational weight loss story on Lotty’s great blog!!

Eat - Sweat - Think

Firstly to all of you out there following  the ‘GET LEAN, MEAN & HEALTHY BOOTCAMP’ – what can I say.

You peeps are bringing it.

If you followed the eating guidelines, workouts and tips then you are now 1 week healthier and moving every day to a fitter and leaner you.

I’ve been delighted by the positive feedback received on the facebook updates. The enthusiasm and motivation with which so many of you have grasped this challenge and taken action to enhance your health and wellbeing is inspiring and I’m sure infectious to everyone around you.

So onward into week two with more workouts and tips to come on the Facebook page.  Earlier last week Brett shared some of his delish recipes (see the Clean Eating Recipes post) to keep you nourished and sane whilst still following the 3 main bootcamp eating rules.  Which are??? Anyone???

  1. Avoid all refined…

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