God Give Me Strength!!

Also the serenity to accept what I can’t strangle…errr I mean change:)

I am going to strangle my sons….ALL OF THEM!!



Three teenage boys, You can imagine the fun!!

My youngest son walks around all day with a face like a cats arse…

Actually my cats derrieres are not as miserable as his face, believe me!!

You speak to him and he grunts…yes, like a pig!! that is if he responds.

Anything you say, he rolls his eyes to heaven or acts like you have just said he looks likes Justin Bieber or something equally vile!!!

My middle son is like a hermit in his rat cave room.

His room is like this but dark

His room is like this but dark

Every day I tell him to open the windows, one curtain, get dressed , shower and eat breakfast.

Today I get back from the gym and he hasn’t done it as he is on his computer….This is at 1.30pm!!

He then has the CHEEK to say to me not to interrupt him while he is talking to his friends on the computer.

Hmm, we will not repeat what I then said to his majesty…

No computer all day until after dinner at least for him but at least he will be as if nothing happened in 30 minutes unlike Mr Happy above…

download (24)

At least I suppose with the eldest one, we never see him, at his first year at Uni and not at home but I want to throttle him too.

I told him to come home for friday OR saturday dinner last monday as his uncle was here.

Didn’t see hide or hair of him..

BUT he Facebook’s his brothers to tell them to tell me he was busy but he would see if he could fit us in!!

Ha and its only monday:)

Ha and its only monday:)

No wonder I am a mad, running cat lady!!

But I have to say after my behaviour as a teenager, I am GLAD I do not have teenage girls…

Boys don’t scream when teenagers and say I hate you….or take your clothes.

They are all really good boys in essence, they don’t do drugs or that sort of thing  and still hug me at times ….

BUT these years are trying and difficult and you can not reason with them at times.

And they are all WAY TALLER than me, which they all love to say to me:)

I think if they did real things rather than Facebook/Skype/Computer games/Playstation/TV, it would be better but it seems that is what all teenagers do.

download (27)

When I was a kid, yes, back in the Ark times, we were basically kicked outside in the morning and we amused ourselves all day only coming home for food.

My eldest and youngest do play sports but in between it’s all computers…

You can imagine our internet usage and when its gone, its gone as most plans here have a cap on the amount of internet even if you want more…

The kids then blame us when the computers go slow , like we have done it????

But there is good news on the horizon….SCHOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK!!!


Yes, this will be me next week!!

Yes, this will be me next week!!

So without further ado….

Janathon day 21, yep 21!!!

Woooo, almost there.

4.2 km run to the gym and back…..

1 hour weights and plyometrics….

Now it is time to make Moroccan meatballs for dinner which will probably cause cat arse boy to be even more miserable as he hates most food:)

Ahhhh the joys of children:)

This is why Whittakers make chocolate!!


Cats stay out of the way while mum yells:)

Cats stay out-of-the-way while mum yells at evil boys!!


2 thoughts on “God Give Me Strength!!

  1. Omg I feel your pain. I have barely survived one teenage girl, I mean BARELY, in fact she is 22 and still grief and then I have only three years till madam gets to 13, aaaaahh! Yep this is why we run.

  2. I feel your pain….I am not sure i could cope with daughters…My brother has all boys too, so a girl would be weird!! Must admit too, i like being the only ‘girl’ in the house so to speak…:)

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