A Spot of tea, a wee confession….

And a slice of Battenberg Cake?

Mmmmmm..have a bite!!

Mmmmmm..have a bite!!

No,  you have not wandered into greedybread.

My lovely friend in Brixham sent me a whole lot of marzipan at Xmas when I was making my Stollen and I thought I would use some today.

Marzipan at times here, (almond paste too) is like trying to find  a needle in a haystack hence why my friend sent it to me:)

The supermarkets try to fob off this hideous white/almond icing on you and say its marzipan!!

So lovely friend I have, sent me a care package down here to the colonies….

 I know the traditional cake is pink/red and white BUT…..

I was going to do black and white for NZ but I didn’t have apricot jam and I didn’t want glaring red jam on white sponge!!

Ugly….So black and red it was…

Might try blue as well…



As you can imagine the greedyboys LOVED this….Must be the sugar…

Even cat arse boy:)…

Everyone must have had a great sleep as no lemon sucking or cats arse’s today and even his majesty is not on the computer…

Granted I am having to listen to American Idol or some other rubbish but you can’t have it all!!

I had a sliver of this with my black tar coffee I like.

Made a gorgeous apple, raisin and cinnamon bread too…which is much better after the exercise , refueling wise…


Now I have a wee confession….

I have not been as vigilant at doing the evil core plan as I should have been.

I promise I will make up for this in February’s challenge, incorporating it into the dancers leg from Higher Tone and the butt challenge from Sailor V.

Not sure how I will do the 3 but I will adjust my weights etc and go from there…

janathn image

Janathon day twenty-two….

45 minutes Boot camp

45 minutes running 8.2 kms.

The boot camp circuit this morning was particularly nasty!!!

This one rope exercise (below)Urgh….i am not sure what it is called apart from bastard hell…

Flicking bloody heavy ropes…..

I thought “ha easy “…well 75 of these babies later…not so!!

Well, after 15, I thought nooooooooo!!!

very very ugly!!

very very ugly!!

Ah ha!! I know what it is called ….

Battling rope!!!

Not sure that is what I would call it but whatever…its hideous!! But effective I imagine.

Not so easy after all...

Not so easy after all…

Hanging out for February 1st as I am really feeling tired…

But I am a stubborn bugger and will see it through till the end:)

If I felt I would injure myself, I would have a day off.

Head down, bum up…almost there:)

Keep calm and eat cake?


What's this? You will need to wait till thursday to see!!

What’s this? You will need to wait till thursday to see!!


4 thoughts on “A Spot of tea, a wee confession….

    • it is tasty, isn’t it? not ideal running fodder but you need a wee treat every now and again…i just need to stop having slivers….i keep saying one sliver is ok.. i am such a liar!!!

  1. Hey battenburg is my fav cake too reminds me of my grandma who used to make one every Christmas. Love marzipan too, how odd you can’t get it in NZ. Always found it odd when I lived in Canada what you can’t get, but think things are better now although send Bakewell tarts and cheese and onion crisps in my care packages to there.

    • i gave it to my hubby to take to work as the “slivers” were getting like HUNKS!! Its the marzipan, love almond paste too…but that hideous icing here, blurgh…can’t even taste almond and they say oh its like marzipan…my bum!!
      We can get it but is difficult…easier to get brixham marzipan!! and yes, its devon marzipan….and my friend was GRILLED to make sure it was marzipan:) ..tastes yum too…making some moroccan devils horns with some tomorrow….better run alot today…

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