Oh where, Oh where can all the plasters be?

Where o where are you?

Where o where are you?

Know what these are? Yes, me too.

But they have disappeared into the Bermuda sock and many other things triangle that exists in our house.

It’s those fairies that use them.

these fairies?

these fairies?

You know, the same ones that eat all the chips and leave a few crumbs?

Or eat all the biscuits and leave the packet in the fridge/container?

Or every morsel of food bar a crumb and leave the plate in the fridge???

Do you have them as well?

I do tend to think our fairies though are more gremlin looking….

this is our fairy!!

this is our fairy!!

What they do with the plasters is beyond me, I never see them on them yet I buy them often…

I have often seen the boys with huge bandages or my all time favourite, a sling and when they take it off , it’s usually a scratch…Hmmm.

I am too scared to ask about the plasters as they look at me as if i am crazy!!

Its the “Stupid woman, why do you need them” look.


All I ask for is 1, yes 1 plaster but nope!!

I kicked the side of my toe this morning , lifted all the skin off it and it was pissing blood but I needed to cover it so I could run…

Well, more so nothing would stick to my sock…


What I ended up doing was using a folded up soft towelette make up remover thing…

Worked a treat.

Bit bulky but was soft and came of easily when I got home:)

Those gremlins have also started using my make up etc….to cover up blemishes etc….

Here I was thinking I was safe, having no daughters….

But 2 of my boys, very very vain….


I will need to show my baby (cats arse boy,  maybe that is why he is sour, pimples???) how to put it on DISCREETLY!!

Bobbi Brown will strike me off her make up list forever otherwise….

Sorry Bobbi!!!

I promise your make up will be used discreetly, not put on with a trowel!!


Without further ado…...Janathon DAY TWENTY THREE!!!

After an excellent sleep last night, I was raring to go after the day befores lethargy.

I feel I have outdone myself today.

My target is to get to 40-45 hours for the month ….

I am at 30 hours so far so it will be hard out remaining 8 days !!

Today 10.6 km in just over one hour and then 1 hour of weights…

Felt very good despite the hideous heat.

I am very very pleased that I have almost completed this challenge and will be looking forward to Junathon.

I KNOW THAT SOUNDS ARSEY AND BOASTFUL but I am not a great finisher of things.


Except running.

I start with a hiss and a roar and then argh…. can’t be arsed, bored now!!

Which is why last week I said I was wrapped that I had reached week 9 of Michelle Bridges 12wbt exercise programme.

This is why I am setting my self a new challenge each month and then slowly extend it…

So the next challenge will be 5 weeks I reckon:)

I shall leave you today with the yumminess of last nights dinner…..

Kefta tagine, hummus, flat bread and Moroccan style cucumber and mint salad.


Gorgeous Kefta Tagine....

Gorgeous Kefta Tagine….


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