Burn Baby Burn….

Fat or heat?…Hopefully fat…

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Its hot though….very very very very HOT!!

I am so glad that today I went to the gym early at 5.45 as its now 2pm and its far too hot to do anything physical!!

Lying in the pool with a mojito would be ideal.

The concrete is so hot, you can’t stand on it in bare feet.

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I did a whole lot of gardening between 8-10am this morning…before it started to get scorching:)

A little bit of exciting news……

I have a job interview on Tuesday for a job I would quite like…

Rather than one I just applied for because I need a job.

So fingers, toes etc all crossed.


It’s a 5 minute walk from home and in the city that is a miracle!!

And one of my recipes….won a food hamper in this competition I entered it in:)

Check out the winning recipe!!

It is nice to have a bit of good news after a pretty crap 6-9 months really.

It is good to start the new year with positive.

Drunken bastard trifle....

Drunken bastard trifle….

Counting down to zero with Janathon….

Day 25.

Boot camp 45 minutes.

Bit of a slacker today but it was a hard boot camp this morning.

More of those hideous rope battling things.

Tomorrow I am going to go for a long run.

I am hoping 15-20 kms, it has been a while since I ran over 10-11 kms but I think I can do it now and not injure myself by doing too much, too soon.

My leg hardly ever twinges which is great news.

I have been running 35-50 kms weekly the last few weeks so I think I have done the prep.

still wondering????

still wondering????

Still wondering about the purple?

Well this is what is……..

remember these?

remember these?

Well they made this….

Rewena bread- ready to bake...

Rewena bread- ready to bake…

Very delish...

Very delish…



For full recipe see greedybread

Same recipe, different potatoes.



4 thoughts on “Burn Baby Burn….

  1. Good luck with the interview. Your recipe reminded me of the trifle that I make with another one of your treats! I make it with battenburg (I buy mine) I cube it at some juice or booze then raspberries and custard. Delicious, easy and quick

  2. thanks…sounds good, i will need to try it…does the booze soak into the marzipan or does it stay as is? I know people here get jam rolls and chocolate logs and use them as a trifle base…but battenberg is a GENIUS idea!!

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