What devilry is this, you may ask???

Cake devilry...that is what!!

Cake devilry…that is what!!

Not exactly the runners best friend….

Get behind thee, I hear you say….

I saw this recipe just before Xmas on a blog I follow and had not tried it…

What can I say, I have to agree, best ( and easiest ) choccie cake ever.

We will of course forgive the fact that it is made by Aussie’s…that can not be helped:)

download (33)

Moist, delish, all you want in a cake and eggless too!!

Ok, it’s not gourmet with organically grown, exotic and imported ingredients but sometimes you want a cake that tastes like cake , not some pouncey arse telling you to eat this cause its dusted with gold filigree!!

Which then reminded me of a rant I wrote for greedybread about “why can’t we just find a simple recipe anymore?”


Ooooh yeah…….Almost there!!

Ha ha that rhymes…without me even trying:)

Almost there for Janathon and almost there for return to school!!

Tuesday is back to school time here after 7-8 weeks of summer school holidays.

All I can really say is “Thank God”.



Why they invented these long long long school holidays is beyond me and who ever decided does not have kids!!.

The kids seem to be forever on holidays.

No matter what you do, they are always bored.

Cats arse boy went to the South Island for 3 weeks with my brother.

Seriously fabulous trip…We live near top of the North Island….

download (34)

Comes home and is moping round round…BORED…cats arse face after 2 days home…

Other one, 2 weeks in Taupo with cousins, comes home and locked on computer within a day!!

No matter what I suggest, nope, hate that, boring….

Come tuesday….I will be dancing the happy dance at 7.45  am when they all go to school and the house will be silent until 4pm!!

Yes, this will be me next week!!

Yes, this will be me next week!!

Righty ho….Janathon day 26!!!




16.5 km’s in 1 hour and 35 mins!!!

Excellent…very pleased !!

Am feeling it now, so I think I may need to go to the gym and do some foam rolling….

Rowing tomorrow and weights….

Almost there brown bear!!

Strawberries from our garden...

Strawberries from our garden…


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