Almost tripped at the finishing line……

Very very very tempted not to run today or do anything BUT did.

Too hot to move!!

Too hot to move!!

I am so looking forward to Friday!!

I just won’t know what to do!!

Love running but welcome a day off:)

A day to get ready for the butt, stomach and leg challenge for February…

Will also be swapping from Michelle Bridges Advanced fit/lean to Advanced lean and strong…so more weights..


Am still umming and arghing about the Paleo diet.

Lottie, a NZ woman, writes a very interesting food and exercise based blog called eat, sweat, think.

For me, its more the challenge, yes I like to eat well but I do go off the rails at times but I like to see if I can do these restrictive things:)

A 80/20 % ratio is good for me:)

Ha and its only monday:)

Ha and its only Tuesday!!

I was supposed to go to boot camp early today but I got bugger all sleep and didn’t go…

You would think with that bastardy black dog hanging round you would be tired but I tend to continue to think those ugly black dogs thoughts all night …

I looked very very shitey at 9 am as it was and then had to go to 2 job interviews…

Put on the slap and propped open eyes with toothpicks almost and was even ‘jovial’ at my interviews…

We shall see…running shoes crossed:)

Got home at 3pm and it was a scorcher….



Very tempted to go nope BUT didn’t….

So did a sort of cunning shade run…but it was still HOT HOT HOT!!

Janathon day 29 

8.2kms 45 minutes..

Also did an hour plus walking but as I said, haven’t included my walking.


The ground is brown and they reckon its our driest summer in 60 years…

Usually it rains and its humid….But nope, this year its burn, baby, burn…


In all my meh,meh,mehness yesterday I forgot to give you the link to a very interesting article on smoking by David Lebovitz.

David is a pastry chef who lives in Paris who writes a blog about the nuances of Parisian life for an American.

He is very funny.

Such a beautiful city, yet smokers everywhere…

Same as in Italy and Turkey…

Puff, Puff, Puff…..and I always laugh at the Italians as they just smoke anywhere, anyhow!!


In a sense, I think good on them why not?

Why be browbeaten?

But I also think cheeky buggers!!

I wish I had the guts to do that when I smoked but I tended to be ashamed that I smoked….

I must admit, never ever is the desire to smoke higher for me when in Europe as it’s just everywhere..

NZ World smokefree day

NZ World smokefree day

Here you are a real pariah if you smoke…

Our smoking rates in NZ are under 20%, i think 18% now where as 25 years ago it was 45% .

Hmm something to think about.

I shall leave you with my mate (below) today who always make me laugh…

God loves a Trier…

It is such a great photo of the NZ attitude…not sure I can explain it…




6 thoughts on “Almost tripped at the finishing line……

  1. Were you born in NZ? You sound like someone from my part of the UK, I thought it was only us who said bugger all and slap. Although I don’t put any slap on, not in the week anyway.

  2. am kiwi through and through…my g/g/great grandad came from Norfolk area though….Maybe its the influence of my naughty friend in devon??? Glad you limit the slap to the weekends!! its just too expensive otherwise:)
    You are a brummie? no, thats liverpool…no thats scouse…all too much…what do they called manchester people? manchurians? good guess or no?

  3. I don’t know what you’d call me. I live in Wigan which is not that far from Manchester. They call Wiganers pie eaters, although I’ve only lived here about 20 years. They call people from Manchester manks. I can’t repeat some of the other things I’ve been called in the past. I’ll go and cry in the corner now.

  4. true ….just used of the heat i suppose and know when to run and not to….i find the cold harder, like your guys cold!! not sure how you do it….I was in Italy last winter (jan -mar) and some days it was soooo cold, it hurt my chest to breather in the cold air while running but after a week or so i got used of it…BUT still not like an Auckland rainy winter:)

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