I love Linda Hamilton’s Arms!!

Yes, please!!

Yes, please!!

When I saw this film,  I so wanted her arms…..

Please come and do press ups and tricep dips with me , Linda!!

We can be BFF!

You can go first!!

Twenty years later, and her arms are still all I aspire to!

I want to be reincarnated as her triceps!!

Well maybe not but you get my drift:)

Not too much like Madonna and her way creepy veiny arms/hands…

way creepy....

way creepy….

Euugh but not grandma’s handbags either:)

Linda is lean but not looking bony and unhealthy…

She looks like a Tough Motherf***r.


linda She is a classy lady.

Loved her in Beauty and the Beast with Ron Pearlman, remember that?

Thinking of Linda, always makes me think of weight.

Well not so much this....

Well not so much this….

This is more what I had in mind!!

This is more what I had in mind!!

Well weights and weight programs…

I am looking at altering my program as I am a bit bored now…

Am thinking of trying 4 days a week splits…

Not a lover of doing weights BUT I have to say, I know the benefits of doing them ( Look at Linda).

Weights really are a runners best friend!!

download (38)

No, not the tardis!!

I have  run on and off (mainly on) for about 6 years, luckily I have only been injured twice.

August 2011,  I injured my leg and I couldn’t run for weeks, err months…

There was NO exercise really involving legs….swimming and then gentle cycling!!

When I was allowed to run again,  I had to run 3-4 kms only at a time…

Hell, I would just get warmed up and have to stop!!

download (5)

First though it was walk, run…Argh!!

Not a walker at all!!

Anyway, I digress…

I have found since taking up the weights regularly, I have not had any problems (really touching wood here) with my leg injury.

I still need to watch it on the hills as it can get twangy then but since I have taken up the weights 2-3 times weekly for the last 4-5 months, I have noticed the difference.

I can’t say enough on how I think as a runner, it helps.

It has made me leaner which is less stress on my body when I run.


When I was in London in 2010, I brought some work shirts which are a UK 6 but now, they swim on me.

I brought some Benneton pants in Lucca last January which are an Italian 38 and now they are baggy.

I tried on my Levi’s today, NZ 8 and they are loose and Levis are notorious for small sizing.

The change in shape is remarkable, even though I have only lost 3 -4 kg.

Err not quite like this either!!

Err not quite like this either!!

I know it sounds weird but I just feel stronger when I run now.

I do prefer plyometric things, sit ups, chins, push ups etc…

One of my aims is to do 5 chin ups by myself….then 10…..

I can do two at the moment but I can do 25 push ups on my toes!!

It was 3 when I started so progress is in motion….

So give the weights a go if you aren’t already!! and stay injury free to run.


Janathon day 30……

Run 12 km’s 1 hour 11 minutes

Plyometrics and weights 1 hour 10 minutes.

A bit more of the weights means a bit more of this!!

A bit more of the weights means a bit more of this!!



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