I am a dumb Arse!! An exhausted one….

I forgot, well no, I am not sure what I did really…

I just didn’t think..

stupidHere I was going on how great FEBRUARY 1st would be as it would be my first day off in God knows how long….

Some time in December….

And believe me, I have gone hard out in the Janathon challenge…

I did a hard 1 – 2 hours every day….no slacking, no walking days only, no stretching days only…

Hard core ladies and gents!! Running, weights, rowing, plyometrices, cycling Pyrenees plus:)

Yes, totally my choice but that’s me ..ALL OR NOTHING!!

But dumb dumb dumb arse that I am, put myself down for a February challenge or at least 1 hour exercise per day….

Plus my butt/core and leg challenge of 3-4 times weekly in with my weights etc….

What is Today? February!!!



So guess what dumb arse will be getting up to go to boot camp at 6am???

Yes, me!!!

Err by the time you read this, it will be done and dusted….

Also the February Challenge is here at home in my own sweet country, NZ, so there is a likelihood we could meet up!!

No way can I start on the wrong foot….Old competitive me….

download (34)

It is sadly for me, go hard or go home….

Exhausted I shall remain ….

February 1st….

45 mins boot camp and believe me , it was NASTY NASTY NASTY today…

& 45 minutes 8.6 kms running.

Mr Puss Puss says "bit disappointed, mum, was looking forward to cat day off!!"

Mr Puss Puss says “bit disappointed, Mum, was looking forward to cat day off!!”


No call back from that job either!!


Well they said Thursday maybe friday but you know its not happening….




2 thoughts on “I am a dumb Arse!! An exhausted one….

  1. Thanks:) more like fool, i reckon…..trying out a new x training thing with hubby tomorrow…35 minutes only BUT really hard out….would rather run and only run but you know what happens when you just do that…

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