” Too much of a good thing ?”…..

Too much?

Too much?

Is Shakespeare right?

Can we truly have too much of a good thing?

Chocolate? NEVER!!

What an evil suggestion!!

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download (47)As you can imagine, this pondering can be applied to all aspects of our life but I was thinking in terms of exercise…….

Obviously yes….Like most things, too much can be bad…

I agree that you need to do exercise in relation to your fitness level, bearing in mind weight, age and medical conditions.

But how do you determine what is bad for YOUR level of fitness?

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A person in one of the groups I belong to made a comment about ‘over training’ that I felt was directed at me yesterday and that got me thinking..

Being honest, it really pissed me off.

I thought at first, “And this is coming from someone who needs to lose 30-40 kilo’s, maybe some over training would be good for you?”

Not nice, but it bloody annoyed me because what works for one, doesn’t for another BUT it doesn’t mean either is wrong.

assault course

I make no secret that I run often or like hard-core things…

But I don’t skite about what I do…or make others feel bad about what they choose to do.

I like to do things that challenge me physically but most importantly I try to do something most days to keep my black dog in check…

I don’t like walking because I am quite fit so a walk doesn’t do it for me, it doesn’t increase my fitness level and it’s not something I would do for fun.

BUT that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you or I think you are a girlie pants if that is your exercise.

That is just me BUT compared to some hard-core exercising people, I am a girlie pants….


I haven’t always been fit , in fact most of my twenties, I would have periodic times of exercise but mainly it was slobbing, drinking, smoking, eating crap and doing nothing.

I started to get serious about being fit and healthy about 8 years ago….( Age creeping up???)

I can remember doing some exercise (can’t remember what, suspect group thing at gym) and I was soooo unfit, I almost vomited from the exercise.

I vowed then, I would never , ever let myself get so unfit again.

Seriously, it was the worse feeling ever…I could barely breathe…Hideous.

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I really got into running when I stopped smoking 5-6 years ago as I found I felt better when I ran….

Really until the last year or so I would just run….

Periodically I would do other things like squash, spinning or some weights or something different but I would still run…

But after injuring my leg twice (didn’t learn the first time), I have learnt (the hard way) if I want to run as I do, I need to do other things to strengthen my body.

The thing is, I like things that give me that rush like running….

Or push me to the limit physically.

Run Tonto Run!!

Run Tonto Run!!

I need to go on a navy seals training thing…err not the mental torture or anything, just the assault course thanks:)

So too much or no???

5 Signs Of Overexercise….

1. You feel as if you’re putting on weight even though you’re doing more exercise

When you over train you mess with your hormones, particularly cortisol.

Elevated cortisol levels due to too much exercise can lead to an increase in insulin resistance and fat around the mid-section.

If you’ve been working out like crazy and nothing else has changed in your diet but you’re getting lumpy around the middle, then it could be a sign of too much exercise.

Check out the full article below:)


 running 7

So I will leave you today with a few interesting articles about too much…

Take it a bit easier for health benefits?  Yes, I know the Daily Mail is not the BEST source but you know I am addicted and they do back it up with studies…

Too much exercise can wear out your heart??? from the New York Times.

Too much exercise??or do we just need to be moderate?  Voxxi.

An interesting article from Happy Kilos , who charted her weight loss of thirty kilo’s.

too much stuff


P.S. I am addicted to running, but is that bad if I do it carefully and it gives me great joy?

OOOPS  Febathon 28 hours Challenge.

6kms 33 minutes

75 minutes Plyometrics and weights.

15 minutes core challenge.


Mr Puss Puss feels he needs a wee break…


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