paying it forward…:)

My Fit Religion

We are amidst an obesity epidemic. People are fatter & sicker than ever before. The majority of the population are so confused about health & fitness. They think drinking ‘shakes’ and diet soft drink is making the healthy choice. Your Food COW is to share one healthy recipe you have with someone else. ‘Pay it forward’ if you will. Trav & I share this Fit & Food fun with you guys, so spread the love & share something you have learnt with someone else. Let’s start creating a healthier, fitter nation. One person at a time.

Your Fit COW is going to be super fun. It’s a circuit with a finisher that looks really easy…. You will need a timer of some description. You can do all the exercises bodyweight or add weights if you like. All videos are on our You Tube Channel

Circuit- all exercises are 50 secs…

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