Its a miracle…Its a miracle…

Wasn’t that a Culture club song? Yes, it was!!

its a miracle

I love, love, loved Boy George and the drummer boy….Jon Moss…

I didn’t quite realise then that they would possibly not like me in that way:)

Fancy a trip down memory lane? 

Any how really, I should be saying…..I smell RAIN, YES RAIN!!

Hence the talk of miracles!!

Rain, not men….download (41)

Or possibly this version? A bit more rain???

Anyhow Rain, yes, we HAVE rain….You know how HOT HOT HOT, it has been here.


My poor grass has been scorched.

Not that hubby minds as its means less mowing for him:)

download (43)Febathon is moving along nicely…

I am thinking of signing up for another Boot camp.

It is my last week at boot camp this week.

There is a 2 week break and then it goes on for 6 weeks, 2 x weekly.

Will see as unemployment is a bad payer:)

I am going to do a day social media and marketing course for my business to see what I can do to really get that off the ground since there seems to be no firm employment in the offering at the moment.It was something I work on part time. Ideally I would like to employ a social marketer for online businesses but at the moment, it’s not feasible.

It was something I started about 9 months ago so it is getting my name out there and people knowing I can be trusted.

I need to practice my Italian too as it is getting rusty!!

Its all about the money, money, money as Jessie J would say:)

la vita e’ merda qualche volta:)

Febathon day three

Easy run, 10.2 kms…just on one hour.


This is where I was this time last year....Venezia...

This is where I was this time last year….Venezia…


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