Blissed out….

You know that euphoric feeling when you run sometimes…..


Totally in your own world…well as much as you can be running in the city!!

downloadIt was drizzly, windy and grey BUT in light of all the HEAT we have had, it was heavenly…

I ran in a singlet even though it was raining.

It was still hot but it was totally blissful and I found too my thoughts were not tortured and heated as I ran, like they have been of late.

Some very EXCELLENT news.

I am pretty sure I have a job.

download (1)

I am going in for a few hours tomorrow to sit with the lady who is leaving and bearing that I find that to be agreeable, then they would like to offer me the job.

Their words!!!

Wooo, not 100% excited, just in case karma kicks me but pretty much…

Don’t want to count my cats….err chickens…

Plus, plus, plus, it will be permanent, not 6 months as they intended!! They were worried that might put me off!! Ha ah, I was worried I sounded over keen at my interview last week .

You never can tell….

Yes, this will be me next week!!

Yes, this is me!!1

The relief is immense, I can not even begin to tell you how much stress that releases.

Seriously, I didn’t mind the not working so much, as I kept myself busy every day BUT the financial drain and strain was almost intolerable. I can see how people say you are only a few pay checks away from the streets…

I tell you, we have insurance up the wazoo BUT none of it helped at all.

images (3)

Income replacement, redundancy insurance, superannuation and even my medical and life insurance…NONE OF THEM WERE ANY GOOD . They all found excuses to not pay me out anything .

I will be reviewing all of them and changing them with policies that can help us in the event this happens again.

images (4)

The thing that has made me laugh the most is I applied to get some of my superannuation released. This is MY MONEY I have paid in over so many years. I wasn’t asking for a loan, it was my money, and I only wanted a small portion of it, the equal of say 5-6 months minimum wages to help us, which was say 10 %.  They declined it as we were not in dire enough straights!!

I am serious.

We were told we need to be at least 2-3 months behind in all our outgoings???

I mean we applied for it , to avoid that happening!

Go Figure…

Maybe Karma has decided I have been a good girl after all??

images (5)

Febathon 28 hours….

50 minutes blissed out run 9.1 kms.

1 hour weights/plyometrics.



8 thoughts on “Blissed out….

  1. Oh don’t get me started. Its a long (and boring) story but someone really pissed me off a couple of weeks ago. They weren’t impressed with what I said to them, but I felt better. B@stards.

  2. I’ve been avoiding going for a run lately because of the weather, but I feel inspired – maybe I will run in the rain after all. Congratulations on getting a job! and an amazing running time as well.

    • hope you get something soon…i find its not the unemployment as such but the knock backs most of the time that take the toll. i keep busy etc but it does limited everything sadly…i need a rich sugar daddy….ha ha i think i am too old to be arm candy now:)

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